Friday, September 28, 2012

Black Lotus Quilt (Somewhere in California)

We traveled 300 miles yesterday and we are going another 300 miles today.  Early start today so we can finish a little earlier.

Here's a couple of more photos from Sutherlin...
munching apples
This jack rabbit wasn't moving no matter how close I got for a better picture.  He was so still even his nose wasn't twitching.
I'm a statue..I'm a statue
 Meet Fang..a Burmese rescue cat.  I just love his eyes.  We met his owner taking him for a ride in her golf cart on one of our evening walks in Sutherlin.  He really enjoyed all the attention he was getting from the people.
He is also well trained.  She said "sit!" and he sat.  hmmm, I wonder if I can get our cats to sit like that.  shh! don't tell my furbabies that I was out with another cat!

On The Cutting Board
So, the customer decided not to buy this quilt.  I have made a few changes to it and I am posting it on Etsy.

Here are the specs:  A contemporary style lap quilt with abstract appliquéd flowers.   All appliqué is hand stitched(no machine was used).
  • Multi-colored top: pink, turquoise, lavender, and black
  • Backing & Binding:  black
  • Size:  37 inches x 45 inches  (94 cm  x 114.3 cm)
  • Batting: 100% polyester fiber filling
  • Quilting: free-form meandering
  • All applique is needle-turned under and hand-stitched. 
  • $75 + shipping
Happy Trails!


  1. That's a gorgeous quilt. The addition of black looks so modern and fresh.

    Rabbits are so funny. They think if they sit perfectly still, you won't see them. It works with dogs -- when rabbits don't move, Alfie never seems to notice them.

  2. Awesome pictures of animals. Cute quilt, hope it sells. I have quite a few in my etsy store. No bites yet. Store name is Frogquilter.

  3. Too bad that the customer didn't want it after choosing the colors and all. I always like your animal pictures and that cat is certainly one you could never forget. I don't know which was more stunning, the eyes or the fangs.

  4. Lovely quilt! So bright and cheery :)

    What a beautiful cat!! It's funny, whenever we would be around another animal, and then come home, our cat would spend the next hour following us around the house sniffing us, then when she decided she had 'figured out' the smell, she would always walk away with a look of disgust on her face, like she knew we had been around another animal. How dare we! ;)


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