Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Cat's Welcome (Sutherlin, OR)

Time got away from me this week.  I swear I just posted my blog yesterday.  Of course, since posting Wednesday's blog, we have moved to Sutherlin, visited Roseburg, caught up with old friends, and explored the surrounding area.  Oh, and a little quilt shopping....gee, I wonder where the time went....
Rochester Covered Bridge near Sutherlin, OR
Before we left Florence, we stopped by Darlingtonia State Park to see the carnivorous plant.  It is called Darlingtonia or a Cobra Lily.  You can see where it gets its second name.  It even looks like it has a split snake's tongue sticking out.

The park is small so it was a short walk to the sandy bog-like area.  The air had a heavy sweet smell - better to attract flies with, right?  I wish the flowers were blooming.  They are quite pretty.

On The Cutting Board
Ta-Da!  I finished A Cat's Welcome wall hanging.  I'm finding that I like adding the tabs instead of a sleeve for hanging.
I added two buttons to each tab..
I made a small hanger out of twine and glass beads for the Gift Shop.  I attached the autumn leaf to the hanger and to the sign.  I think using a twig from the preserve will finish it in a natural way.

And I'll finish this post with a couple of photos of our furbabies soaking up the sun.
Happy Quilting!


  1. I have never seen that plant before. Very interesting. The hangings are just super. I like the oak leaf to go with the acorn and that cat is indeed welcoming.

  2. Isn't that an interesting bloom? Dusty looks like he/she would know what to do with a cobra!

  3. The plant looks vicious. I will read about it - it is interesting. In Russia they have a plant called 'swamp fly catcher', and probably some other carnivorous plants, but we have none in Uzbekistan. However we have real cobras.

    Your wall hanging is very beautiful. I like the colors and the elegant cat's silhouette very much. The oak leaf is lovely, too.

    1. Thanks Mulberry Whisper!
      I will take the plants over a live cobra!...very scary...

  4. Love the finishing touches on the sign....the twig hanger and the leaf give it that extra bit of charm. Love it!


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