Saturday, September 26, 2009

Work-Camping in Westport, WA

We are settled in Westport, WA until spring – when we may decide to head for Alaska. We started work-camping for American Sunset RV. We will be working two 6-hour days every 7 to 10 days. I know it’s rough but someone’s got to do it, right? The only thing we are not looking forward to is rain. It can rain up to 16 inches in some winter months, but we are prepared with rain gear. It is not unusual to have standing water from heavy rains. The standing water does go away as the tide goes out, but that will leave a wet and muddy area. Dan made a porch out of a pallet and outdoor carpet so we can wipe our feet and will not be stepping out the door into puddles.

Oh, and there is a quilt shop within a mile of the campground called Quilter's Stash. It is a small quilt shop, but this is a small town. I was surprised to see a quilt shop here. She has around 1,500 bolts of fabric and offers classes. Guess where I will be when I disappear. With a long wet winter ahead for us, I plan to spend a lot of time sewing. I hope to finish quite a few of my projects. Our next door neighbor is a co-worker and a quilter, so I will have someone to share my interests with during the long winter days.

The town is small and doesn’t offer a lot during the off season, but the beach, two state parks, and the marina will keep us entertained. We have already spent some time watching surfers and kite surfers. The kite surfers are very good, cutting through the waves at high speed and occasionally rising more than 10 feet into the air. Lot’s of energy flowing in the waves and winds.

We met all of our co-workers and they are very nice. They are all full-timers. Most of them have more experience than we do with the work camping.
We spent one evening sitting around our fire with a couple of our new friends on a beautiful evening. We have been going for walks along the docks looking for sea lions and seals. One dock system is over 1/3 mile to the end. Sometimes we go to the state park to walk along the beaches and look for whole sand dollars and shells. There is also a 2.5 mile pathway between Westport’s lookout tower and the lighthouse state park. The path is a lot of fun to ride our bikes. This is the first lighthouse we have been to that allows people to climb to the top.

It is so nice to go to sleep at night listening for the sea lions barking, the fog horn, and crashing waves.

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