Thursday, September 6, 2012

"The Pounding Waves....(Florence, OR)

....Are Calling Me Home" ~ Loreena McKennitt (The Old Ways)  
       I love listening to Loreena.  When she sings this song, I can see a woman with the wind in her hair while standing on a cliff watching the waves crash against the rocks below.
Seal Rock Beach
The coastal area really fires up the imagination with its beautiful rugged shores, wind-swept trees, and old lighthouses.  
Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Natural Area
Seal Rock Beach
All shrouded in constantly moving mists.  
Seal Rock Beach
It has such a romantic moody feel to it.  I can see how the scenic coastal areas are filled with stories of tragic loves lost, the excitement of spotting a ship’s sails on the horizon, and of hidden coves filled with treasures while mystical sea creatures swim just below the waves. 

This may not be home, but I have to admit it feels like home.  The pounding waves are calling both of us back.  We are sad to see our time here coming to an end.  We have two weeks left on the Oregon coast, but we have decided to return next summer. 
So, two more weeks are left to explore this area around Florence, OR.  Two more weeks of sea-filled landscape photos....and then we start heading south to Arizona....sigh....but, we will be back!
Hurry up dear!
Off to do some more exploring....Happy Trails!


  1. We enjoy the photos a lot and look forward to some exploring ourselves. The Oregon Coast is one of my favorite places that we've traveled to. Of course it helps to be an Oregonian! Paul

    1. Hi Paul, I envy you and Becky spending the winter in such a wonderful area. I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your experiences.

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    Thank you,

    Ali =)


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