Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good-Bye Key West! Hello Patrick AFB, FL - uh, did you say Tornado??

On 30 March, we left sunny Key West and arrived at a stormy Patrick AFB near Melbourne, FL.  We no sooner had parked the motorhome in front of the RV Office when the high winds and driving rain hit this area.  Since our rig was getting hit from the side, it was really rocking and rolling.  On the following day, a lot of the counties in and around Orlando were in Tornado Warning or Watch condition.  What a great way to start our trip Back-to-Civilization.  Well, at least it is a little bit cooler here and we have full-hookups with a view of the Banana River.  I know our cats are a lot happier.
A very alert Hitch.  First day after storms.

Before leaving Key West, I finished two more quilts!  I'm so happy we bought the screen house with a floor.  I can keep the floor clean and I don't have to worry about my fabric flying away.  I could not quilt on Vi's quilt.  We were in dry camp for the last two weeks and Key West felt like a steam bath even at 9 pm.  We had cats sprawled all over the floor and across the table.  Anyplace that felt cool to them or had a breeze.

Bear Hugs

Upclose of appliquéd bear's face with embroidery.
Baby's Toys

RolyPoly Clown upclose.  Ribbon is tacked down so baby cannot pull it loose.

I have to say spending the winter in Key West was very inspring for me.  We have a lot of new friends and I hope to see them again.  We will probably spend next winter either in Arizona or in Texas.

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