Saturday, March 21, 2020

Worldwide Quilting Day! (Whitney, TX) 21 march

  March 19 was the first day of Spring and with Spring comes hope.  
I am hoping I am finding you and your family members doing well during these uncertain times.  

Thanks to social media, I have many quilting friends living around the world.  So today, I thought I would take a break from all the news to celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day on March 21.  Quilt Alliance is celebrating National Quilting Day through their Facebook page.  They are asking for your stories and pictures.
And if you happen to run out of supplies for Quilting Day.....okay, stop laughing and get up off the floor.  You probably know this already, but just in case someone hasn't heard what some of the local shops are going to stay open and serve their customers.  I have seen quite a few local quilt shops offering curbside pick-ups.  Some are taking phone orders while others are offering both phone and online orders.  It warms my heart to see and hear how people are finding ways to work around our social distancing.

Last month, a friend of ours, not to mention, a brilliant quilter,  pointed out that we were staying in a park close to the Texas Quilt Museum.  Thank you Cathy! (right now, the link is only showing the museum's store)
Dan saw Cathy's suggestion and offered to take me to La Grange for the day!  Just a reminder, this was in February.
This is my first view of the inside surrounded by quilts above and on the walls.  Oh my!
This photo includes the museum's gift shop and nearby....
a Raffle quilt.
 "Home Is Where The Army Sends Us" by Kristin La Flamme  This one I can relate to with my husband being in the Air Force for 27 years with the many moves and relocating our family to new areas.
I love how she set up her fiber art homes inside a shopping cart.  
Below is another room displaying some unusual fiber art.  Yes, the one quilt next to the Lynx quilt is glowing.  My close-up did not come out. 😒
Mary Pal created "The Drifter" with cheesecloth on a black background.
Just look at the detail of wrinkles around his eye.  In case you are wondering what he is holding.  He is playing the harmonica.  I spent quite a bit of time staring at this one.
On the opposite wall, the empty fast food quilt caught my eye with all the wording in it.
"The American Still Life: The Weight of the Nation" by The Pixeladies (Kris Sazaki & Deb Cashatt).
The Pixeladies create their artwork with words and phrases cut from written articles that were collaged on paper, scanned and printed on fabric creating a wholecloth that is heavily quilted by machine.  Their statement is perfectly clear in this piece.  I wonder if they will create a quilt about what the world is facing this year.
The "Geometric" by Fumiko Nakayama used the traditional mola reverse appliqué.  She used the original techniques developed by the Guna people of Panama.  Her stitches are so tiny that I almost went cross-eyed trying to find them.
I am very envious of her perfectly round circles.  I have the hardest time keeping my fabric from getting pointy folds no matter how thin I trim my seams.  They say practice makes perfect.
I was pleasantly surprised to see Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry's "New Dawn".  I have been following Caryl for more than 10 years.  I find it fascinating the way she manages to make most of her fiber art look like it is always in motion.
The Phoenix is one of my favorites.  I love the spiraling flying geese, but getting a close-up look of the Phoenix's face and eye....oh my! 
If you are interested in seeing more of her work, she has several in her gallery online for viewing.
Two more photos of quilts in a third room.
There is a slide show on a continuous loop talking about different quilters that was quite interesting to watch.
We also spent some time walking around La Grange's downtown area....
viewing another beautiful and unique county courthouse.
 I especially liked the gargoyle staring down at the visitors as they walked towards the doors.   There was another one on the opposite side.
 We have moved to Lake Whitney, TX and will be here until April 5.  We have extended our stay in Texas a little longer after being notified that the Oregon State Parks are closed and our reservations have been canceled.  Of course, our travel plans can change if this situation improves.
Path in Colorado River TT park
In the meantime, we will take isolated walks around the park and keep our outings to early morning trips to the grocery stores.
On The Cutting Board
After visiting the Texas Quilt Museum, I went next door to a quilt shop and found the perfect backing for the Jungle quilt.  After washing the fabric, Hitch decided he needed to supervise my ironing and make sure I got all the wrinkles out.
Later, Hitch consulted with Dusty about how they liked the new quilt and the backing.
Dusty helped me with arranging the blocks for another quilt.  He was a very big help.
Dusty likes this quilt the best.  He is waiting for the birds to move.  Tweet! Tweet!
 By the way, the shoe on the bed happens to be Dusty's chew toy.  It was one of my shoes until Dusty claimed it.  I'm just glad he stopped chewing on my other shoes.  The stinker went through half my working shoes before we came up with a compromise.  He can have one pair of shoes, but he needs to leave the other shoes alone.  He has honored that promise since we left Albuquerque in 2009.  Such a good kitty!

One last photo of the Texas Blue Bonnets in the nearby fields.
So, what are you doing to stay busy?  Reading?  Creative projects?  Movie marathons!
Stay safe, stay healthy, and Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Winter in Texas (Columbus, TX)

We have had a mild winter here in Texas.  At least, where we have been for the last couple of months.  
Lake Conroe site
Lots of fog and rain with chilly days broken up with sunny 70+ degree days.  
Foggy day at Lake Conroe
We have been bouncing between Conroe to Columbus to Conroe and now we are back again for one more stay in Columbus before we start moving northwest.
Enjoying our 1 sunny day out of 7
We like our new site at the Colorado River RV campground, but we won't be here for long because we are on a waiting list for 50 amp and sewer.  
 Otherwise, this would be the perfect spot.  Lots of open space since no one has occupied the nearby sites.  Everyone prefers to be closer to the river.  I prefer the deer over the river view.
We have been here for about 7 days and we have been enjoying our visitors every morning and evening.  I woke up one morning and thought I was hearing a wild pig grunting under our window.  Surprise!  Just one deer eating in a rather noisy way.  I did not know they could make so much noise!  Grunt! Grunt! Snort!🤣
This morning Dan counted 21 deer nearby.  They are looking a little shaggy. A good sign that spring is on its way.
That reminds me that I need to comb the cats again.  
Max and Hitch
Speaking of cats, Max has finally decided that Hitch makes a good pillow during our travels.  He is lucky Hitch was sleeping so soundly.  I'm not so sure how Hitch would act if he woke up to this new development.
contemplating his next move
Hitch is quite a loner most of the time unless he is in a playful mood and entertaining himself by making the other two howl.
On The Cutting Board
I recently found out that we are going to be great-grandparents. The little guy is expected to arrive in June and naturally, I had to drop all my projects and start working on my first great-grandson's quilt.
Making faces ~ 😜👀
I chose Blake's Jungle since my granddaughter said she was planning a blue and green nursery, but at the time she had not decided on a specific theme.  I got started immediately.
The lion was the first one done.  Isn't he cute?  I'm making my own sunshine on cold and rainy days.
Max is making sure I get the Hippo correctly.
I thought this would be a breeze to assemble.  I should have looked at the pattern a little closer.  Lots of tiny pieces for the giraffe and zebra that were meant to be fused together instead of turn-under appliqué.  It took me two months to make all the blocks.
The dark blue fabric with the multi-colored polka-dots will make a good frame as the sashing and binding.
Ta-da!  The top is done.  I just need to find fabric for the backing.  It will definitely be done by April.
Now, I need to get back to all the other ones I was working on in December.  I started sewing the quilt blocks with the embroidered carousel horses together today.  Dusty thought he should supervise this process.
Look at me!  So pretty and soft!
It was a good start to finishing my last three quilts before I start on my brother's lap quilt.
"Red sky at night, Sailor's delight"
One last photo of our sunset from two nights ago before I get back to my quilting. 
Happy Quilting!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Back On The Road Again (Conroe, TX)

We have been back into our home on January 2.  I am so happy to be back home and back in a campground. So Happy!...that I have been staying busy with walks, enjoying my kitchen, making up for lost outdoor cat time, and of course, quilt projects.

I have to admit that living in the apartment for a couple of weeks wasn't too bad.  All three cats staked out their sleeping areas while Dan and I tried to form some kind of routine in our temporary quarters.  The hardest part was the traffic noise from the highway (only 50 feet away) and trying to fix meals.  The kitchen only offered a toaster and a microwave, so Dan bought a hot-plate to leave for the next tenants.  Lucky for us, we are quite happy with cold meals most of the time.
This is my throne. 
You can share the sofa with the other two minions.
 I had to share a photo of the Xtreme's office door with their graphic quilt block.  Pretty cool, right?
I went one time with Dan to check out the repair progress.  I'm really glad we did not stay in our coach.  The fumes were strong inside the bay area.  I noticed the workers wearing air-filtered masks and wished I had one!
As you can see, the work was worth the wait.  There was a nine-inch crack running from the bottom corner of the slide that almost touched the bottom seam above the tire.  There were several spots that needed touch-ups and fiberglass repair that were glaring before and now looks perfect.
 While we waited, we spent some time exploring Nacogdoches' walking trails since there was no place to walk around the business area.
 We ended up going to the park and walking several of the different trails.
The trail linked under the street from Pecan Park to Stephen F Austin State University with more walking trails through the campus' botanical gardens.  From the campus, we were able to cross over a bridge to another trail that took us into an azalea garden with artwork to view.  Which was great since there wasn't much in bloom at the moment.  I would love to be here in the springtime for the blooming season...or would that be the sneezing season?😕
The artwork below is my favorite.  It looks like a Tiny House with Attitude!
And speaking of houses, I just love this B&B house.  Isn't it gorgeous?  We came across this beautiful house while walking around the downtown area.  The Jones Family house was built in 1897.  The link has better photos.

Moving back into our coach seemed a lot easier than moving out and it went a lot smoother not to mention a lot faster.  Maybe my attitude had something to do with it.  I was in a hurry to get back into our old routine.  As you can see, so did Max!  He's back to his favorite spot on the dashboard cleaning his fur despite being close to the highway and all the traffic noise.  We were parked in front of Xtreme's building when I took this photo.
Dusty is back to his old habits as well.  Time for breakfast?  Time for Dusty's "give me attention" time!
On The Cutting Board
Even Hitch showed how happy he was to be back home by helping me arrange my Day of the Dead blocks.
Yea, you really should consider putting
a handsome kitty like me right here.
I'm way ahead of you, Hitch!  The following photos are the projects I worked on during our stay in the apartment.  This one is quite a challenge for me.  I'm trying to decide how to add this embroidered kitty's face to the quilt.  I might need to use fusible webbing with embroidered raw edging this time instead of turn-under appliqué.  To be continued.....LOL!
To make the waiting time in the apartment go faster I packed up a lot of handwork-only UFOs to take with me.  I did quite well with getting almost all the projects ready for the sewing machine.  I finished hand-piecing the last five blocks for the Southwest quilt.  Now I need to sew on the sashings and start basting the blocks for quilting.
I had two of the three Unicorns done before we moved so finishing the last one only took a couple of hours.  I just need to spend some time sewing all the blocks together.
I love browsing through Urban Threads for new embroidery projects.  The site offers machine and hand embroidery in the same design at low prices.  The cute Unicorns above and the Carousel Horse below are from Urban Threads.  I have two more Carousel Horses to embroider before sewing the blocks together.
This Christmas beaded project was the only decoration I took with me.  It was almost done.  So finishing this one kept me from missing my little tree and decorations this year.
Okay, one more photo of my second try at making the Twitter quilt pattern.   Coming up with a paper-piecing pattern for the 4-inch on-point windmill block made it so much easier.  I had finished the top before we moved but forgot to take a photo to add to my last post.  So, here it is!  Ta-Da!  I'm very happy with the end results.
Well, I feel like I have created a bigger pile of UFOs.  At the same time, I did manage to move all of them towards the finish line.  Now I need to start a 'get 'er done!' mode!😊
Happy Quilting!

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