Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quilt Kits? Check! Basted Quilt? Check! Ready to Travel? Double Check!

We are back in La Conner, WA to take care of some family business. We will be here for at least three weeks – maybe longer.

Before leaving Westport, I decided to take advantage of the campground’s recreation center with the big room and tables during the quiet weekdays. I put together 14 quilt kits for this summer. It will be easy for me to pull out a kit to sew as we travel down the road. I did a lot of my favorite Crazy Eight quilt patterns. I did a few others to give myself a little variety. I don’t want to get stale doing the same thing!

I also basted a quilt for my hoop. This was a class project called the Saturday Sampler. Our class met one Saturday a month for 12 months at Quilt Works in Albuquerque, NM. During our class, we would receive our monthly block and they would teach new assembling methods and show us new toys we could not live without. I loved taking this class and I learned a lot about short cuts and sewing tricks.

We had our choice of two different material packs. I picked this floral print. I fell in love with the colors as well as the floral. I am hand-quilting different patterns on each block with a lavender thread to keep the sampler quilt flowing.  I think this quilt will get done a lot faster than the last one.  I hope to have it done in time for my granddaughter's birthday next March. 

Well, I better get back to my quilting!

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