Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not So Wordless Wednesday (Florence, OR)

We leave the coastal area tomorrow - Thursday.  We drove to Sutherlin for a quick visit to our next stop at the Escapees RV park.  

Driving back from Sutherlin on Umpqua Scenic Drive along the river, we saw a couple of herds of Elk in the Wildlife Viewing fields near Reedsport.  They were very close to the fence just grazing and totally ignoring all the people taking their pictures.

The males were in one field and the females were nearby in another field, but not close enough to see each other.

I'm so happy that I took along my 500mm lens and with some cropping, I got some great photos. 
The best part was watching the young bucks practice fighting.  Even though, they were not fighting all that rearing or running, more "Push Me-Shove You".  We could still hear their antlers banging together once in a while.

Had enough?  Yea, me too.  Same time tomorrow?
And another photos from Shore Acres...


Happy Trails!


  1. Those are amazing shots of the elk! They are such beautiful creatures! And your flower is beautiful too.
    Love the kitty comic :)

  2. Happy trails to you! I'm enjoying your trip.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Poor kitty. lol :) Safe travels. xo

  4. Wow, gorgeous shots. We visited Oregon several years ago, it was a wonderful place to photograph.


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