Thursday, June 16, 2011

Open For Business on

Day 1 of 365 days ~ Dusty
Many of my friends have suggested I should sell my quilts.  Well, I finally did it!  I have opened a quilt shop on  Please take a moment to browse through my shop.  Link to QuiltinCats Quilt Shop on  I know a lot of you think the prices are very low, but I would rather sell and share my quilts than let them collect dust waiting for someone to buy them.

I finished the two Baby's Choice quilts. Since I used fabric with teddy bears, I decided to appliqué
teddy bears hanging hearts and stars on the quilt.  I love this pattern!  It is amazing what a difference color placement can make on the same pattern. I might have to make another one since I thought of a third color variation while playing with my EQ6 program.

Pink Baby's Choice Crib Quilt

A better look at teddy

Blue and Lavender Baby's Choice

Teddy helping to hang the stars

We are making our way north along the East coast. We have made it as far as southern Georgia. It is soooo Hot and humid here that I can no longer sew outside. Even in the morning and in the shade! Whew! If I take one of the cats outside, they immediately look for shade and start panting. Since I cannot sit outside, Dan suggested I setup my folding table inside so I could keep quilting. There's just enough room to slide by if one of us needs to go outside. Now I can sit up front in the passenger seat and quilt until I drop! I have a great view out the front window and air conditioning!
Sizzling Hot! Day 2 of 365
I have also taken on the challenge to post one picture each day for 365 days on 365 Project website.  I think this will help me to improve my photo taking and to become a little more creative.  Okay, it is just another excuse to take more pictures!  LOL!

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