Monday, June 12, 2017

Staying in the Cascade Mountains (Leavenworth, WA)

We had a great time visiting with family.  Some of them we haven't seen since 1980.  Long, long time ago!  We wrapped up our visits with family in this area and plan to move to Mt. Vernon on Tuesday.  We will be staying in the Puget Sound area for at least a month.  Maybe more.
I have a lot of photos to share, but I think I will split them between two different posts.  So, here are some photos from Central Washington.  The photo above and below were taken at the Chelan Gorge.
Below are photos from Icicle Creek Road.  I know!  It doesn't look like a creek right now.  The snow melt has been extensive this year.  We keep getting flood alerts on our phones for a couple of the rivers even though the locations are not even close to the flooding rivers.
We have never seen the rivers so high and running so furious as they were for the last couple of weeks.
Trying to get how high the rivers are into the photos hasn't been easy since there is nothing for me to relate it to from the past.  I just know that we enjoyed seeing the rivers high for once instead of low and worrying about the upcoming fire season during the summer.
It had rained the night before our visit and there were puddles in the parking lot.  I think this is a Swallowtail butterfly.  
Anyway, the Swallowtails were taking advantage of getting water from the mud ...........

and I took advantage of an unusual photo op!  Below is another photo that I did in Photoshop.  I'm having a lot of fun playing with my new software.
This guy was stuck inside the Men's restroom for two days.  Dan felt sorry for the moth and brought him out on a paper towel.  He stayed long enough for me to get a photo of him with my phone.
Tulip Tree Silkmoth
If you happen to be near Leavenworth and love to visit quilt shops, I highly recommend Leavenworth Quilt Company.  She has a great selection of fabrics, threads, and all the notions you can dream of wanting.  While I had a great time visiting with a customer and the shop owner, Dan was next door in Prey's Fruit Barn trying samples.  He found a few things he liked as well.  There's also a nice sitting area under a big shady tree for those who do not want to shop at all.  
On The Cutting Board
Okay, here's all 12 Happy Campers!  Done and listed in my Etsy shop!
I already sold three of the new ones and one of my older ones with a horse.
I'm appliqueing a couple of quilt tops now along with more mug rugs that I hope to have finished soon.

Tomorrow's a travel day so this will be short.  I want to get a few more things done tonight and be ready to move before bedtime.
Happy Quilting!

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