Sunday, May 14, 2017

Back In Washington (Spokane, WA)

💗Thank you for your kind words.

After leaving Colorado and Squirrel behind, we stopped in Wyoming at Terry Bison RV Ranch for a couple of days.  This time I was able to see the camels.  Last time they had been in a larger field and were not cooperating by grazing near the fence.  This guy looks like he is trying to push the fence down so he can get to that greener grass on the other side.
I just love the converted chicken house.  Doesn't Mr. Rooster look quite proud of his home?
This is the first time Dusty has climbed a tree.  I think he had so much energy stored up from our long days of travel that he super power to run and leap into a tree.  I told him good job and he should do that more often....never mind that he is only two feet off the ground....he was quite proud of himself.
Hardin, MT
Weather was very iffy from day to day.  We monitored weather apps on our phones and watched the local weather as well as national weather.  We must have waited out 4 different cold fronts during our travels from Texas and Washington State.  Except for some high winds one day where we saw a semi-truck jack-knifed and landed on its side, this was the worse part of our winter drive near Bozeman, MT.
We made it to Spokane in time for Dan to say good-bye to his ailing 90 year old father.  He spent the last couple of weeks helping his sister make arrangements and to clean out their parent's apartment.
During the long hours Dan was gone, I spent my time spring cleaning, sewing, and getting the cats out for walks.
Spring as usual for this area could not make up its mind to warm up or let winter stay a little longer, but the flowers were blooming despite the cold windy days.
I'm still learning about what all my new laptop has to offer along with the latest software I recently downloaded.  I just discovered this new editing process in my Photoshop.  This is all one photo.  I thought I would share my first try.
Here is the original:
Which one looks better?

On The Cutting Board
I am back to sewing and I managed to finish a few UFOs.  Okay, more than a few...I finished 12 Happy Campers.  I will try to list them soon and share some better photos.
I decided to tackle the quilt that refused to go together and won the battle.  Well, sort of...I sewed the blocks that did come out.  Because I ran out of three fabrics due to bad measuring instructions, I decided to finish the quilt with a large border. I plan to start appliqueing birds and a flower on the top border.
 This was a good opportunity to try my new 'Round The Corner' ruler.  I had tried making round corners once before using a bowl.  The quilt's corners came out very lopsided.  Needless to say, the border had to be redone.  I was a little nervous trying this ruler, but it worked quite well.  I had no problem centering the curve on the corners.
Tomorrow is a travel day.  We are moving to Crescent Bar, WA near Wenatchee.  I better get started on my applique project before I have to start packing things up for our move.
Happy Quilting!

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