Friday, March 10, 2017

Almost A Full Circle (Whitney, TX)

We are back in Whitney, TX.  Travel day was very dreary with some very nasty accidents on the highway.  I wish people would learn to slow down during rain storms.
The weather has been crazy this winter.  A couple of days of hot humid weather followed by a cold front that plummets the temps a good 20 to 30 degrees.  I had so many different clothes hanging up in the closet that I would wear for a couple of hours before changing into something cooler/warmer that the poor closet door would not close anymore! 
I'm not complaining!  I prefer this weather over the heavy snowfalls many of our friends and family have been dealing with this winter.  I actually find it funny that we need to consult our weather apps before going out for the day or before going to bed or before going for a walk.
We did a big circle through Texas while staying in the Thousand Trails RV Resorts except for the last two weeks.  They were spent in Nacogdoches to get some work done on our coach.  We started by parking overnight in the Old Town Motorcoach's lot.  We had another lucky breakdown.  This time it was our slide's air bladder.  It had a leak.  Making it impossible for us to get the slide-out back in.  It took Dan a good hour of working on the bladder to finally get it to slide back in.  Oh, and did I mention, we had some good downpours during the night?  Yep, I had water leaking into our dining area after the slide-out came in.  

Our luck was still with us when the Old Town staff said they would be able to replace it for us.  They thought they could have it done in one day, but it turned out the new air bladder was about 7 inches too long!  They were sorry for the delay and offered to let us stay inside their garage with our cats instead of having us spend the night in a hotel.  We were also happy that the coach was inside the garage since there was a good 2 inch gap around the slide out and a good downpour going on outside the garage!
Old Town Motorcoach
Old Town was able to finish up their work late the next day, so after spending one more night in their lot, we moved over to Foretravel of Texas camping area for two free nights offered to members.  We spent some time walking through all the coaches for sale on the lot and we toured the Foretravel factory as well.
From Foretravel, we moved to Motorhomes of Texas to have our dinette seat cushions fixed.  We spent a week in their parking lot.  They offer full hook-ups for their customers, so we and the cats were quite happy with our quiet spot in the back.  
Motorhomesof Texas
We were able to walk to the upholsterer's office to watch the progress on our benches.  It was also a lot easier for Trina to get hold of us if she had questions for us.
Dinette in pieces parts
I should have taken another picture of the seats before they pulled them out.  I'm not sure if you can see the difference.
 Before - old dining booth
The original dinette booth was great, but we were finding the cushions too thick and uneven which would push us to far forward and up, not to mention, leaving us seating crooked.  We were relieved to hear that Trina was able to use the same fabric with our new firmer cushions.  I like this fabric and the rich chocolate brown.  The best part - the cats are not using the fabric for claw sharpening!
We are quite happy with the finished product.  They are a lot more comfortable and the fabric looks great.
One last photo of Max enjoying himself behind MOT.  He liked exploring the parking lot.....
.....and rolling in the dirt.  yuk!
On The Cutting Board
With all the work being done on the motorhome, I could only spend time doing hand needlework.
I got a little bit further along on my A to Zzz Snowman Quilt....
and I got quite a few Happy Camper tops embroidered.  Now that we are settled in a campground for the next few week and the motorhome is back together, it is time to do some sewing!
I've got 3 quilts and 7 mug rugs to sew together.  I guess I better get to them...
Happy Quilting!

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