Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Deer Gardener (Sutherlin, OR)

We have been busy exploring and doing some research on Sutherlin's surrounding area on I-5.  We are staying in an Escapee's SKP Co-op within walking distance of Sutherlin's downtown area.  This park is another place where we can retire from our travels and become part of a community of full-timing RVers.  

This is the spot we are renting right now.  Most of the lots are the same except for different tastes in landscaping.
The lots are big. 
The people here have been very friendly and helpful, but I still have strong mixed feelings about making this our permanent park.
View down the street
So far, we love the location: close to the Oregon's coast and the mountains with plenty to do.  It is nice to be surrounded by hills covered in green trees instead of desert sand and brush.  Just two hours away and we can be back in one of the Thousand Trail parks along the coast.  But, we will be farther away from our kids and grandkids.  
What?! Eh?! Who?! Gobble?!
We also like all the critters.  It is a regular wildlife preserve inside the park with deer, wild turkey, quail, and big jack rabbits on steroids.  We were told that cougar, bobcat, bear, raccoon, and fox have also been sighted inside the RV park as well.

On our walk yesterday morning, we spotted quite a few deer hanging around the apple trees except for one deer.
He was busy munching on the greens inside someone's fenced garden.
Deer doing his own gardening.  Taking too much off the top.
Uh, oh!  Humans!
Once we were spotted, the deer moved off towards the apple trees.  This seems to be their favorite hangout.  
No worries of apples rotting on the ground here!
One of the downsides is the town of Sutherlin.  The bad economy leaves this town struggling to keep what little business they have open.  

The only major downside to the park is the sheds.  The sheds are all the same except for 3 different colors in similar tones.  No bright or bold colors.  No individual artistic imagination allowed and no Casitas or extra living space allowed in this park.  The sheds cannot be expanded so basically they are used for storage and a few have workbenches in them.  On the upside, I will probably save money from not spending money on upgrading the shed to keep up with the others.
I can probably use the center for any large quilting project as long as I'm willing to pack it up there and clean up when I'm done for the day.  No leaving projects sitting out over night.

There are several quilt shops and quilt shows within a radius of an hour's drive.  Sutherlin actually has a small quilt shop.  Sonja's Sewing Basket is more of a sewing machine and long-arm center, but she does have fabric and some supplies.  She also schedules a lot of classes since there doesn't seem to be a quilt group here in the park.  I can always join the quilters downtown.  I have my priorities to think about, right?
Another view down the street and the back side of this lot.
We plan to visit two more parks in California and go back to Benson for one more comparison between the parks.  We can add our names to as many park's waiting lists as we want if we have the money to add our name.  I have a feeling we will make our final decision by November.

On the Cutting Board
I have been spending a lot of time in Pinterest lately.  There are so many beautiful quilts and color inspirations posted that I started a new board for just creative ideas.  With many fresh ideas in mind, I bought these fat quarters for a new wall hanging.
Inspector Hitch approves
I picked up two pink fat quarters with chocolate dots.  I'm thinking they will make a cute little cow mug rug.
The material will have to wait.  We leave Oregon on Thursday.  Time to head back south to Arizona.  Dan plans to drive until he is tired, so we are in for long days on the road.  We are due back to Patagonia on 1 November, so I don't know where I'll be when I blog again...
Happy Trails!


  1. The deer are sweet, but probably that gardener doesn't think so. The Uh oh picture is just great.

  2. Great pictures! I would have had a blast at the wildlife preserves.

    I have an inspector that helps me in my craft room too! She actually looks a little like yours.

  3. Deer as gardeners:) Some human gardener must have been angry later that day. If I may be so bold, that park doesn't look like it fits you. Not a bit of creativity.

  4. Hi Rachel, Hard to say with the people in this park. They seem to understand that the deer are going to visit their garden no matter what!
    You are probably right, but the location is ideal for inspiration. We will be in the mountain range. It is not far from waterfalls, Crater Lake, and the ocean. I can make a lot of changes to the landscaping too. Thanks for your comment.


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