Monday, July 29, 2013

The Order of the Day - Beach Walks (Newport, OR)

Travel day!  We are heading north up the Oregon Coast to Pacific City.  Would you believe it is warmer there?  Not by much, but I'll take a few degrees of warmth.  We spent a lot of time on the beaches here.  Walking from Ona Beach State Park to the backside of Seal Rock State Park.  I prefer the fog to the windy days.  
Seal Rocks
It really changes the way the beach looks.  I like playing Loreena McKennitt's smooth Irish music while I am walking in the fog.  It seemed to fit the mood of the beach.
We try to get to the beach while the tide is out.  The rocks are filled with all sorts of sea life.  Lots of star fishs, shell fish, and birds.  This seagull has a regular smorgasbord every day.
hmmm...where to start..
I'm slowly getting our photos uploaded to our Flickr albums.  Just click on Flickr to see our photos.

On The Cutting Board
I'm mailing out my first custom made mug rugs and starting on a new one.  I'm still learning the process of doing Custom Orders.
I have all the smaller projects open for custom orders.  Quilts will not be included in this offer.

So, I'm starting my next custom order and I'm very excited to do this one.  This is Harvey J.  Isn't he a cutie?  I can't wait to see what he will look like as a mug rug.
 My sister mentioned her love of Black Bears and would I be interested in making some Black Bear mug rugs.  I have been looking at my clipart and have a few ideas.  The problem is the bear being all black.  I'm not sure how he is going to look if I use a cream color to outline his face, tail, and paws.  I plan to give it a try just to see.
Of course, I can always do silhouettes with a tan muzzle, but I would like to add some character to the mug rugs.

Well, I need to get going.  It is a short travel day, but I have lots to do....I'm so excited, I don't know where to start!
Happy Trails!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

In A Fog (Newport, OR)

Check out the screen print below.  Not Castleville and yes, I do play a couple of games online.  I like the graphics and they are fun to play.  

No, I'm talking about the rabbit in the circle.  That is one of my mug rugs being used for an Etsy ad.  I'm thrilled they did that, but wouldn't it have been nice if they had notified me and had a link to my shop?  Oh well, I guess I can't be too picky about getting some free attention.  Right?

So, I have been working hard on finishing my friend's two mug rugs.  This is what they looked like two days ago.
Yesterday, all three were ready for their quilting, a button, and a patch on the back.  I'm not sure which of the other two she will want for her friend - the one with the cups or the kitty peeking out the window.  They will be done by Saturday.
Since I started talking about making two mug rugs for my friend, I have had two more requests.  I decided it was time to research Etsy's Custom Orders to make it easier for customers and for me.  I plan to keep the Custom Orders for mug rugs and wall hangings only.  I don't have enough room to special order "yards" of fabrics for quilts.  Where the smaller projects use fat-quarters or less than a half yard.

With the custom order button, a customer opens a request for a special order.  Once we agree on a project, the customer will pay upfront.  The payment will be held by Etsy.  The order is completed when I ship and notify the customer....then Etsy pays me.  I'll see how this goes for a few months.

On The Cutting Board
Before I received the new requests, I had already started two owls....
....and two more vintage trailers.  The other Vintage Trailers are still available in my Etsy shop if you are interested in one of them.
More Photos of Sisters
Here's a few more shots from Sisters.  I haven't taken many photos here in Newport because it has been very foggy.  My main goal lately is to walk as fast a possible to get out of the chilly wind!  Great way to burn some calories!
Now that's a view - quilts and the snow covered mountain
vintage truck showing off its own beauty next to the quilts
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

No Sweat (Newport, OR)

We moved to Newport, OR, last Monday.  Probably one of the few areas left in the U.S. that is not suffering from a heat wave.  Weather has been foggy and cool - around 60 to 70 degrees.  Quite a change from Bend!  I bet quite a few people wish they were here right now.
Newport's marina
A couple of days ago, the sun came out, but it is still on the cool side.  Jacket weather for sweating in the relentless heat.  I'm quite content to wear a jacket for most of the summer.
from Cape Foulweather
Our Wi-Fi is the pits (mega SLOW) here, so I plan to keep this short since it keeps warning me that my post is not being saved.  I spent most of the last 4 days just trying to upload photos.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few more photos of Sisters during the quilt show...
This is one of my favorites
Such a cute idea!   Recycled cowboy boot/birdhouse.  All I need is a house and a tree to hang it in.  Maybe, once we have our lot picked out...
Speaking of ideas, I have way too many bouncing around in my head right now after the quilt show.  At this rate, I will need to have 10 life-times to finish all my ideas.  Of course, I would end-up with even more ideas if I lived that long!
I love the warm colors in this sampler.
I am slowly uploading photos to our Flickr albums.  I will post the links soon.

On The Cutting Board
Okay, 4 mug rugs will be listed tomorrow morning in my QuiltinCats Etsy shop.  I have already announced the listing in my QuiltinCats FB page and people are showing an interest in them.  
Red and Aqua
My fingers are crossed that they will sell quickly.
Pretty Pink Floral
I'm having so much fun making these that I am already planning to make more Vintage Trailers.
Mint Green and Lavender
I'll wait until next time to show you the new ones that I started on last night.
Peachy Dots
Before I get too involved in the new mug rugs, I plan to finish up the horse themed vintage trailers for my friend.  I finished embroidering the tan areas for the other two mug rugs.  Two are for her and the third one might go on Etsy as an extra.
I added a tea cup and a kitty in the window for my friend.....oh, and a horse shoe on the door for Good Luck.  She just became a Grandma for the second time!  I wish her and her family all the best!
I hope to have these three done before the end of this week.
Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (Sisters, OR)

Welcome to Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!  I have waited a whole year to see this one show and the wait was worth it.  So many gorgeous quilts, inspiring quilts, and ones that had me wondering 'how did this quilter do this?'...

This is Sister's raffle quilt inspired by the poster designed by Dan Rickards - see below this quilt.
"Streams of Color" was designed by Jean Wells

This is a street view at 10 a.m.  It was probably more packed by noon, but I was too busy viewing quilts and having a great time. 
There were quilts everywhere....on the side of buildings, down alleys
hanging from balconies and over people...
covering a car..
made into a balloon...

as well as painted murals of quilts...
What a gorgeous day!  Not a cloud in the sky.  Not too hot with just a slight breeze.  We could not have asked for a better day.
I did not try to collect information on each quilt, so if you recognize a quilt or the quilter, please let me know.  I would love to add their information.  It was so busy with people wanting to look at the quilts or wanting photos..yes, like me...or they were hung so high up that I could not have read the information without a ladder.  Imagine me explaining to the officer why I'm doing that!
This is just a small portion of the photos I took of the quilt show.  I will try to upload them to Flickr soon.

How about this furbaby?  There is a second dog below this one.  They were both being fed ice cream while their owner took a break from pushing them around in the stroller.
I saw this dog portrait quilt across the street from the two dogs in a stroller.
So many quilts.  So little time.
    Lovely Hawaiian Iris quilt.  I like the color scheme..
Eye-catching samplers...

Cloud 9+
I have talked about Marie Bostwick's Cobbled Court Quilt series in the past.  I love all five of her books.  Her latest book:  Between Heaven and Texas is about Mary Dell's life.  I haven't read this one yet because I want to listen to the audio book.  I can't wait!
Marie announced on her FB page that she would be signing her books at Paulina Springs Bookstore on Saturday during the quilt show.  I told Kristy that I wanted to go to the bookstore first.  The quilts can wait because I'm going to meet one of my favorite authors.  We had a wonderful time visiting with Marie.   Thanks Robin for taking this picture!
Kristy, Marie, and Sandy
Kristy and I became friends with one of the Quilt Expo Vendors: Robin Halliday.  Robin works with felt more than with quilts, so she spent most of the day with us viewing quilts, taking photos, and learning more about quilt patterns.  I learned quite a bit about being a vendor and owning your own company.  We had a great time with Robin at Sisters.  
Photo: A quilt blogger included us in her review of the Oregon Summer Quilt Expo
Dee and Robin
Robin and her partner, Dee Brown are the owners and designers of The Quilted Trillium.  
You can see more of their designs on their website.
No Worries
I'm sorry to say that I did not buy any of their patterns.  My plan was to stick to a list this time so I would not come back to our motorhome with piles of fabrics and patterns with no place to store them.
Happy Quilting!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

On With the Show! (Redmond, OR)

I'm off to catch the morning shuttle to Sisters.  Kristy and I have enjoyed the Quilt Expo, but it was a lot smaller than we had expected.  

We certainly did not need more than a day to see all the booths and talk to the vendors.  I saw many patterns and fabrics that I would love to buy.  I managed to restrain myself.  I only bought one pattern book, 1 yard of fabric, and a bottle of Instant Antique in a bottle.  I have been wanting to try a Hawaiian applique block and the this book does a great job of demonstrating with step-by-step photos.  Quilt Passions had all sorts of applique patterns - sea turtles, sea horses, tropical flowers....and the list goes on.  Anyway, I have a new project(s).  Now, I just need to find the time...
I haven't had much free time to work on projects or answer emails/blog comments.  The last few days have been fun-packed with quilts, quilt/fabric talk, and showing Kristy the surrounding beauty of Central Oregon.

The following photos are from Shevlin Park in Bend, OR.  Dan and I walked this one last week.  The walk had a few surprises with arched pedestrian bridges....

 old covered bridge

and my favorite...
a dry creek filled with balanced rocks....
It looks like people walking on the trail would stop and make their own balanced rocks.  We have seen these along the beaches and other spots, but never this many in one area.  I often added balanced rocks in my rock garden.  Every once in awhile, heavy winds would knock them down and I would make new ones.  Of course, I had to add my own balanced rocks....
Not too  and I'm off!
Happy Quilting!!

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