Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Warm Winter (Conroe, TX)

We woke this morning to severe thunderstorm warnings while tornado warnings were south of us in the Houston area.  Other than a couple of freeze warnings and this one bad storm, we have had a very pleasant winter.
View of Lake Conroe from our dining room table.
Not bad too shabby, right?
So, where have I been lately?  Well, if I am not outside walking or watching cats, I have been very busy sewing and getting use to our new home.  I have been very bad about taking photos, so here are a few that I took with my phone recently.
These two photos were taken back in December.  Dan took me to a quaint little restaurant setup in an old house.  After lunch, we walked around the outside to view their yard art.
I took a lot more photos, but these two are my favorites especially the teapot man.
The cats have adjusted well to their new home.  Squirrel is starting to show his age.  He must be around 17 or 18 years old now.  Every once in awhile, he will act like a kitten and start running around, chasing bugs, jumping up on furniture, and howling then he goes back to acting his age again.
Max ~ Like dis!  See!
Max has become my yoga partner.  He is a big help.  Here he is showing me the Cat Down pose.
Dusty ~ Mine!  All mine!
Dusty loves the new scratch post.  He also loves the fact that he can lay on the sofa and hug the post.
And he really loves playing string with us.  He hints first thing in the morning, again around noon, just before bed, and...okay, just about every opportunity there is when we walk into the living room.  ðŸ˜»
Hitch ~ Come on!  No more photos!
Hitch is being his typical punk self.  He is still bugging the others, trying to sneak outside with no leash or taking himself for a walk.

On the Cutting Board
I finished three custom orders for three different customers!  They all sent in requests on the same day, so I decided to work on all three together.
I made this one for a customer after she sent me a photo of her Patriotic Shasta.   I might make more Red White & Blue Happy Campers.
This one is for a small Airstream with no side windows.
The last one is for a cute vintage trailer done all in pink and lavender.
I had started working on some new pillow covers for our motorhome.  We found that we will need a couple of more pillows for the dining area.
I'm also working on two quilts and two wall hangings.  So much to do!  So I better get back to the cutting board!
Happy Quilting!

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