Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Whale of a Good Time (Newport, OR)

We move to Florence, OR on Thursday, 6 September.  I'm looking forward to seeing some more coastal area.  I need to do a Webshots album very soon with all the photos I have collected over the summer.

I feel like Newport actually has two downtown areas.  There is the Historic Nye Beach area with lots of access to the beach with shops, restaurants, hotels, and other services. 
Beautiful murals scattered throughout the downtown area
Then, there’s the Historic Newport Bayfront area with lots of fun attractions for the family along with shops, restaurants, the marina, and commercial fishing fleets.  You can buy fresh catch-of-the-day right off the boats.  I like both of them, but we have only visited the Bayfront area so far.  Here are some of the sights.....
Gotta scratch that itch..
Of course, my favorite part is watching the sea lions on the docks.  They were being quite loud the day we were there.  We could hear their barks echoing down the street.
Barking Sea Lions
Funny...no one argued with the big guy when he came out of the water and said this is my spot.
Lots of battle scars on this one
I was here first!  No, I was!
More sea lions on the jetty...

I wonder if they planned on the whale's mural to look like it was doing a trick...
A whale of a mural
A great view of McCullough's Yaquina Bay Bridge in the background from the marina
No marina is complete without a couple of sea birds.....

Immature Seagull
On The Cutting Board
I did not like the last photos of this Lotus quilt so I took it outside to try again.  The only problem is the dense shade of our site, but the colors look a lot better compared to the last ones taken under the LED lights.
I'm thinking of moving the flower petals in more.  They look a little scattered right now.

Instead of adding the floating petals across the top like in the Purple Lotus, I'm thinking that a 3 to 5 petals and leaves in the corner would look better.  I do plan to add the stem at the bottom like before and a couple of more leaves.
I'm almost done with the Gift Shop sign.  I'm quite happy with the results.  The open sign/tag is almost done.  I want to add some buttons to the top and I still have the fall leaf to add as well.

Happy Quilting!


  1. So jealous of your travels. Love, love love the west coast especially Oregon. Continue to have fun.

  2. What an amazing place! I'd love to do some sea lion spotting ;)
    And buying fresh fish from the boats, what a treat!

  3. I like those leaves in the corner but it would be hard work to move the flower petals. The sign is great. You are fitting in some great work between your picture taking.

  4. I went to Newport last summer and had a great time. Did you go antiquing? I remember going to a big shop there. I love those beach towns.

    1. Hi Angela, I do too! I like looking at local art work. It is so amazing how different each location can be and always inspiring.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to be! I like your gift shop sign, cute!

    By the way, tag your it! Check out my post to see more http://heversonart.blogspot.com/2012/09/ive-been-tagged.html


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