Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy New Year! (Sutherlin, OR)

My plans were to post after Dan's next appointment on Thursday so I could give everyone an update.  After a month of sitting around and waiting, his appointment got moved to the end of January due to his doctor not being available this week.  Rather disappointing, we are ready to hear how his foot is healing.   At least, Dan was able to sit outside for awhile when we had a rare sunny day earlier this week.  The sun felt so good and warm.  Look at that gorgeous blue sky!
 It has been too foggy and overcast to get photos of birds, so I blew the dust off my Macro lens for some close-ups.
One thing I like about this weather is the moss and mushroom life that thrives here.  I love the textures and the different shades of green.
All I need is to find a fairy........ 
nope, no one here.  Ah well, I'll keep looking.
Speaking of fungi, the mold and mildew is under control!  We bought a de-humidifier and I have been using CLR Mold and Mildew killer on the window frames and in the closets.  The de-humidifier made the biggest difference.  I no longer need to wipe down the windows every morning and I'm not sneezing as much as I did before the de-humidifier.  Yes!!

On The Cutting Board
In the spirit of a new year, I decided to finally get out my largest UFO that has been with me since we started full-timing.  It is in the hoop and I'm ready to get it done....in one year.  I want to put the last stitch into it by 31 December 2018.  I think this will be my last big quilt.  It is 72 x 72 inches and it is all batik fabric - front and back.
 I have found out that cat hair sticks very well to batik fabric.  Dusty can rub up against one of the pillows covered in batik and he can leave a grey streak of his fur across it.  Lots of fun keeping the pillows clean.  Keeping this big of a quilt cat hair free is going to be fun while quilting it.  We all know the magnetic pull fabric has to cats.  They can all be asleep in the bedroom and hear fabric being moved.  Soon I'm surrounded with helpers wanting to test out the fabric.  They are such good helpers! 😸😸😸
Max testing out fabric
I have been going through my storage areas looking at all my different projects.  I forgot that I had this bead kit.  Actually, I have three of them.  I thought about getting rid of them then I started working on this one.  
I had also forgotten how much fun cross-stitch projects can be and how fast they are when they are small.  It was such a nice change from my quilting projects that I decided to keep the other two and hopefully have them finished in time for next Christmas.  😊🤞
Happy Quilting!

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