Monday, October 1, 2012

Heatwave? but I See Snowmen everyWhere (Coarsegold, CA)

Western Scrub Jay - Hanging out near our site
We are near Coarsegold, CA staying in an Escapees SKP RV Park called Park Sierra.  We are about 25 miles south of Yosemite National Park's south gate.  The park's sites are tiered with mature trees and seem to give a little more privacy to each one, but we are close to a busy highway which is very noisy.  Not noisy enough to keep us awake at night just that the sound of cars is always present when we go outside.
Quite a difference between here and Oregon.  It is certainly a lot hotter.  I admit that I was looking forward to some warmer weather around 80 degrees, but here, it is so hot and dry that everything crunches.  Well, except for the cats...they just wilt when we take them outside.
A lot of quails
There are birds everywhere along with lots of squirrels and other little critters.  I hope to get a photo of an Acorn Woodpecker.  They are everywhere, but a little shy.

On The Cutting Board
Trying to think cool, I decided to work on my snowman collector's block.  I finished embroidering the second block.  Ha! I am seeing snowmen.  I haven't been working on this block much so I thought with 600 miles of road travel, it was a good time to pull this block out and get it done.
I gave the scarves a little more texture using the Portuguese Stem stitch.
So far, I have finished two blocks.  I think there is something like 25 blocks to do.  Maybe, I'll cut the amount in half and make a smaller quilt.  Yep, sounds like a plan.....

We are off to Yosemite Valley this morning.  I should get some great shots of El Capitan.  We plan on two to three visits.  This park is so big and the roads are so windy that it takes a long time to get anywhere.
Happy Quilting!


  1. I will enjoy seeing a picture of an acorn woodpecker when you get one. :)

  2. Of course I love your bird pictures and the snow men are darling. We camped at Yosemite on our way to Long Beach and our boat ride to Japan in 1963.I know your camera will get a workout there.

  3. That Jay is just beautiful! Great pics, as always :) Love the handwork snowmen, they are lovely.

  4. Absolutely adorable!! I love snowmen!! Enjoy your time in CA, and the heat!! my hubby says its still really hot there!


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