Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not So Wordless Wednesday (Newport, OR)

Otter Crest Loop - Art Deco bridge built in the 1930s
I uploaded the following photos during my last visit to the campground's center.  I'm sort of connected today...barely.  I don't want to take a chance of lost work, so today it is almost a Wordless Wednesday.    Enjoy!

Cape Foulweather

Cape Foulweather

Art Deco bridge built in the 1930s - Newport, OR

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Covered Bridges and Long Walks (Newport, OR)

I'll be keeping this blog short.  We are enjoying our new location, but our new site doesn’t have a good WiFi connection.  So, I want to say upfront –Thank You to all that are leaving comments.  I will try to answer back or visit blogs as soon as I can.  The campground has a center with free WiFi, so I’ll probably be visiting there every couple days.  I have to admit it is not the easiest place to concentrate on reading or writing.  If I don't make it to the center, I may not be posting for a week or two.  I hope to catch up with everyone soon.

I recently found out that the western Oregon area has quite a few covered bridges.  We visited the Drift Creek Covered Bridge that is privately owned now.  We might try to look for a few more before we leave here.
Drift Creek 1914
 A few views along the highway.  Can you blame us for driving up and down Hwy 101?

We walked the Cape Lookout trail.  It is 4.8 miles round trip with 400 feet elevation.  The toughest part was navigating the big tree roots and thick mucky mud...yuk...but the views were fantastic.  We were a little disappointed when we got to the point and could not see both sides, but it was still worth the hike.
Path among some interesting trees
View along the way
yep, another view from way up high
Looking down and to the north

I think elves live here.
Well, I hope to post again soon because I have a lot more to show you.  In the meantime, I'll be busy quilting and exploring more of the Oregon coastal area.
Happy Trails!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Double Cross (Pacific City, OR)

Travel Day!  We are moving south to Newport, OR.  We spent time at this RV park before and I loved it.  We will be close to the beach again and near place to explore.
Robin is getting some tail wind.
Here are a couple of photos of the wild rabbits in this RV park in Pacific City.  Don't they look like domestic rabbits?
How cute am I?
I bent down to watched them and even the babies came hopping up to me.  Of course, they were looking for a handout even though someone has fed them already.  They are so cute!
Baby bunnies everywhere!
And here's a couple of beach views.  This one looks towards Pacific City and the tall dune we have to climb over to get to town.  Yea, we decided it was easier to take the car and not fill our shoes with sand.

The one below is part of the dune.  People are all over this area, but I'm not so sure I want to crawl around on the rocks.  I'll stick to taking pictures..
A walk on the beach

Sigh....It is going to be hard to go back to Arizona after a summer on the NW coast.

The Double Cross: A Someday Quilts Mystery featuring Nell Fitzgerald

I am so in love with this series!  I hope Clare plans to write many more Someday Quilts Mysteries!  I barely finished this one and I am already reading The Devil's Puzzle: A Someday Quilts Mystery.

Nell, her grandmother - Eleanor, and Suzanne have been asked to help with the opening of a new quilt resort.  How exciting!  While Suzanne teaches a class, Eleanor will help with opening a quilt shop at the resort.

This one is filled with so many twists it was amazing I could keep them straight.  I figured out the killer quickly, but Clare did a wonderful job of making me doubt myself.

One thing that was addressed in this story was some men's attitudes towards quilters and getting asked that most irritating and condescending question:  Why cut up perfectly good fabric and sew it back together?  I usually answer with I make them prettier and more useful.  Who wants to wrap themselves in a couple of yards of cotton on a cold winter's night?

Lots of quilt talk, bizarre happenings, strange characters, and a murder to solve keeps this story moving in constant motion.
Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Exploring the Three Capes (Pacific City, OR)

We drove the three Capes Route.  It was very scenic.  My favorite was the Three Arch Rocks in the ocean which has been a National Wildlife Refuge since the early 1900s.
There was some serious road work just outside Oceanside.  While we were waiting our turn, this was our view.  I played tourist and hung out the car window taking photos.
We have been to Cape Meares State Park before, but I love going there for the scenic views and for the lighthouse.  This is the shortest lighthouse in Oregon.  I love it's location.  I tried to get a good photo of the Three Arch Rocks from the lighthouse, but the low lying clouds were not cooperating.
Near the lighthouse is the Octopus Tree - another hard subject to photograph.  The sign says the Sitka Spruce is about 250-300 years old.
Okay, one move view of the coast before I move on...

On The Cutting Board
So, when I am not out seeing the sights, I have been hand-quilting the Gift Shop sign.  About halfway through, I was beginning to wish I had used the sewing machine.  It was taking longer than I had planned.  Now that I am done, I'm glad I did not.
Well, off to work on adding a border and attaching the autumn leaf.
Happy Quilting!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Be Very "Bear Aware" (Pacific City, OR)

Before we left Seaside, we spent one afternoon at Cannon Beach.  I wanted to see the Haystack and get some photos of it.  There was a heavy mist hanging over the beach, but that did not dampen the spirits of the beach visitors.  People walking up and down the beach, flying kites, and playing in the surf.
This Dad has his own way of keeping his son fit.  They were playing catch the kite.
This is what I came for - the Haystack.  Even the heavy mist with the sun peeking out added a great atmosphere to the beach photos.

Pacific City
We got a great spot this time considering it is high tourist season and there were not that many open spaces when we got here.  Timing is everything.  Not only did we get full hook-ups, I have cable TV!  Yea!  I can watch something else besides our DVDs or a fuzzy antenna channel. nice!

The Welcome sign says 'Be Very "Bear Aware"'.  We were warned not to leave any food outside our motorhome.  Lots of wildlife in the area - bear, raccoon, and rabbits.  So far, we have only seen rabbits, but I am keeping my eye out for bears.  The rabbits are not shy and some will start towards you if they think you have food.
Our site is a short walk across the road and down a semi-steep dune.  We can hear the ocean while we are sitting outside.  It is so nice to be this close to the sea.  The beach has some interesting rock formations.  Great for exploring and photos...of course.
Looking towards Pacific City
We are about 3 miles north of Pacific City by road.  By beach, we can walk there in less than 2 miles.
Last photo for today.  The owner had a ball that he was throwing for his dog.  That dog had eyes for nothing else.  We walked by.  Another dog and owner walked by and all that dog did was tell his owner: "Throw the ball!  Throw the Ball!"
A man and his dog
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sand Between Our Toes (Seaside, OR)

Tomorrow is a travel day for us.  It is short in miles, but long in travel time.  Lots of winding roads, slow speeds, and heavy traffic, but the views will be grand along the way.  Next stop: Pacific City (74 miles south on Hwy 101).

We visited Fort Stevens State Park at the mouth of Columbia River.  I found the old shipwreck the most interesting part of the park.  I walked around it a couple of times.  The fort still has the old gun batteries.  Some are 90 years old.  We did not spend too much time looking at them since the area was very busy.
The Bones of  the Peter Iredale - early 1900s
We spent some time at a small lookout watching many birds and a ship go by.
Ship starting up the Columbia River
We visited Cape Disappointment a couple of years ago and decided we would not visit it this time.
Cape Disappointment, WA
There were quite a few Swallow's nests filled with babies.  Mommies and Daddies stayed busy feeding the hungry little ones.  The babies certainly knew which parent belonged to them.  I watched this nest for a while.  The babies stayed quiet with many adults flying by, but when Mama showed up....
Me First! Me First! Me First!
On another day, we drove south of Cannon Beach.  We stopped at some pullovers to see the view.  Can you blame us?  Just breath-taking...

Last Saturday, we took our evening walk on Seaside's Promenade.  Seaside was hosting a Volley Ball Competition and the beach was just alive with people!  It looked like they had setup 100 volley ball nets, but the main attraction was the competition.
Not everyone was interested in volley ball.  Many were just enjoying the warm summer evening on the beach.

There were thousands of birds everywhere...seagulls, skimmers, and pelicans.

A wonderful summer's eve filled with great memories....wish you were here!

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