Friday, October 26, 2018

Bitten by Paradise (Key West, FL)

I'm not feeling very chatty, but it is time to get caught up on our travels.  After my last posting, we spent 3 weeks in Peace River, FL.  We spent most of our time watching the river rise and slowly go back down.
Flooded river with only a couple of inches of sign at the boat ramp showing.
We were in no danger of waking up to find the river at our front door.  Except for a few rainy days, our site stayed very dry.
Same sign after river went back to normal.
About half of the campground was flooded during the first week of our stay.  Walking was a little more interesting.  The flooding attracted all sorts of birds including a Spoonbill and I saw my first Wood Storks.
flooded campground
same road with water receding
Last week, we moved to Key West for our winter stay.  
I'm so happy to be back that I haven't had much desire to go off base to explore.  I mean - just look at that view out our front window.  Who could ask for more?
And my walks in the morning have been delightful.
We did take a drive around town by the third day.  As you can see, Key West is back to its normal lifestyle.
We haven't seen a single chicken on base, but we saw quite a few of roosters, hens, and these three chicks on the south side of the Key.
I think there are more iguanas now on the base then there was the last time we were here. 
For now, I'm happy to just relax and breath in the sea air.
On The Cutting Board
I am working on new Happy Campers for the Yard and Crafts Sale in November.  I cut out a large stack of mug rugs last winter then spent this summer designing and embroidering most of them.
I'm hoping to sell quite a few before I need to list them in Etsy.
Well, it is about time to take our cats outside and enjoy the cooler weather as the sun goes down.  Tomorrow, I will pull out the sewing machine and start assembling the Happy Campers.
Happy Quilting!

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