Thursday, November 29, 2018

Looking An Alligator In The Eye (Key West, FL)

Well, not quite in the eye, but close enough to get some good photos using my telephoto lens.  On our way to Key West, we spent two nights at the Midway Campgrounds so we could spend the day exploring the area.  With 26 RV sites, we almost had the place to ourselves except for the one family that decided to park only two sites away from us.  

We visited the Oasis Visitor Center at the Big Cypress. just to view the alligators.  
There were only two close enough for us to see from the walk area.  
This guy was directly under us so I got some good close-ups of his leathery skin.

I'll never complain about dry skin again!
This is the second one.  The water was clear enough for us to see his legs floating in the water.  Perfectly still.....
Okay, back to Key West... We are enjoying our days in the sun by taking walks around the base, sitting outside with our cats, and watching the sunsets.  We have only been downtown a couple of times.  Between different celebrations, crowds, and too hot to walk, we decided we can wait until it is a little cooler.
We have rotated twice from full hook-ups to one night stays in dry camping. 
We have been very lucky with cold fronts cooling off the area just in time for our dry camping making for a perfect night's sleep with open windows. 
Since our arrival, the weather has been above average.  No complaints since I have been monitoring the weather in Sutherlin, OR.  It has been a wee bit chilly there.
We are trying to get our walks in early which is perfect for viewing all the wildlife.
The Ospreys have been busy building their nest.  Soon, we will be able to see little ones begging for food.

This Egret was up early looking for handouts and not having much luck.  
So, that's it for now.  Not a whole lot going on and yet, I go to bed every night feeling like I had a full day enjoying paradise.

On The Cutting Board
I guess I am doing more than just sitting around and watching sunsets. 
I am getting ready for the Yard and Crafts sale.  Hopefully, the MWR will schedule one in mid December.
Small Happy Campers $12 - $12.95
I have 25 new Happy Campers ready for my table in addition to my items listed in my shop.
Medium Happy Campers $14
I'm hoping to sell as many as possible before I need to list them online.
Large Happy Campers $14.95 - $15
While I wait, I decided to make three muslin bear angels with crazy quilted wings and bent halos, so back to sewing!
Happy Quilting!

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