Sunday, December 4, 2016

Settled In Our New Home (Bridgeport, TX)

I feel like I am living in a miniature condominium on wheels.  Our new home has better appliances and furniture.  A dream home for sure!  I wasn't so sure I would be happy to leave our old Bluebird with its quirks and its own unique characteristics.
Moving Day
It was strange and sad to watch our old Bus drive off, knowing I will not see it again. I know one thing - I do not want to go through a move like this again for a very very long time. The next move will have to be our last one - into a park model or a nursing home. 👵

Now, that I have had a little time to get to know our new home, I am quite happy with Dan's decision to buy this 2003 Foretravel.  It will be a very comfortable home for many years to come.

Well, would you like a tour of our new home?  Great!  We will start with the bedroom.
Slideout- Desk in bedroom
We have one small slideout in the bedroom with a desk set in it.  This desk sits a little high from the floor for cutting or sewing.  It comes up to just below my chest.  I have to raise my arms quite high to do anything on the surface, but it is perfect for using it for ironing or other close hand work that needs to be on a flat surface.  As you can see, I filled up the space below with more quilting supplies.  Once compartment holds our printer.  Excellent spot for it.  Now, I can start coping quilt paper blocks again without making Dan move!
Ceiling fan and plenty of overhead storage
We do not have as much space in the compartments below.  At first, I wasn't happy about losing all that storage,  Then I realized that now most of my supplies will be inside and I won't have to wait until morning or the rain to stop and the ground to dry so I can look for that one piece of fabric that was stored below.  Yep, every nook and cranny has been filled with fabric, supplies, and books.  
dark outside so it was hard to get enough light for photos
I just have to remember where I put everything....
Our bed is a little taller than the last one.  We worried that our old cat Squirrel would not be able to get on the bed at night, but he fooled us by climbing up the covers.  Not good for the covers...oh well, at least he is happy and not getting us up in the middle of the night to help him.
Bed is Cat-Approved
Our first night was bad with all the caterwauling all night long, but as you can see, they got use to their new home quite fast.  They all like the desk at night.  A great spot to watch for night critters.  I know because they all land on me in the middle of the night when they are done looking out the window.  Ooof! 😽
2 of 3 clothes closets and laundry
Our new bathroom is quite a bit bigger with 3 large clothes closets and a laundry closet as well.  I was able to fit quite a few of my quilt items in the bottom of this closet with our winter jackets.

I love the fact that I can now heat just the bathroom with the aqua hot heating from the floor registers.  So nice to have warm tootsies while brushing my teeth or getting ready for a shower.
The aqua hot heating runs throughout the motorhome.  We also have ceiling heating pumps vented throughout the motorhome so I can stay toasty warm all winter.
Skylight in shower
All the furniture is covered in microfiber leather-like fabric that is self-healing. It is warm to seat on and the cats don't seem to like the fabric for far.

I was so surprised to see my pillows were a perfect match to the sofa.  The previous owner said the fabric color is called Salsa Red.  Perfect!  With this color scheme, I am able to keep my southwest decor which is good since I just made all those pillows.
Slideout has sofa and dining booth
The layout of the living space is like being back in a house. The front slideout includes the sofa and the dining booth.  I like having the two small windows that gives me a view of the front and back areas.  Actually, I like all our windows.  They are large and open wide giving us plenty of air and views of our surrounding area.  Right now, I can see the lake and watch the birds flying around in the bushes behind our site.  It makes for great entertainment during breakfast.
dining booth and back window
I tried out our dining area for sewing today.  It will be all right for small projects.  For larger projects, I'll have to bring in my folding table.
Dan has claimed the recliner as his favorite spot to sit while I find that I like the couch.  The furniture is more comfortable.  My feet touch the floor except when I sit in the passenger seat and the previous owner made a foot stool for his wife that he gave to me.  I do believe it is going to get a lot of use while we are traveling.  But wait!  There's more....the passenger seat also has its own foot rest that pops out.  I believe I can be quite comfortable with the foot rest out while working on some of my quilt projects with a cat in my lap!
Ekornes recliner
All the cats like the new recliner.  They have already had a couple of battles over who gets to sleep in it.  It is not unusual to see two of them sleeping together in the morning.
The kitchen has a nice design to it.  I can move around without being in Dan's way when he is sitting in the dining booth.  Notice my new refrigerator?  It is huge!  We are having a hard time filling it up, but that's okay.  It is nice to store food and be able to find it again without removing half the contents of the fridge.  We also have an Advantium oven.  We speed-baked croissants and baked potatoes for Thanksgiving.  Perfect!  It has been a long time since I have served toasted brown croissants.  I may never use my roaster oven again.
Advantium Oven
The kitchen counter will be my new cutting area and with the ironing set up in the back, I should be able to add a few extra steps to my Fitbit.
Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour of our new home.  We are still getting use to it.

On The Cutting Board
I did manage to finish embroidering Drummer Boy from the "A to Zzz Snowman" quilt pattern.
I hope to have a little more time for sewing and hand work during this month.
My shop has been busy, so I should get to work on some new mug rugs too.  And of course, I have more scrappy quilts to make.  Gosh, it is never ending!  A good thing for me, right?
Happy Quilting!

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