Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Witch, A Cupid/Angel, and A Snowman (Florence, OR)

Well, there's an unusual combination!  I'll explain that title when I get to my Cutting Board.  In the meantime, I wanted to show you what we did yesterday.

We decided to drive south to Coos Bay.  We stopped by the Umpqua River Lighthouse to stretch our legs and to take a few photos.
Then onto my favorite state park - Shore Acres.  It must have been amazing to live here...almost a pinch me, I can't believe I live here every day.  To be able to view this rugged yet gorgeous coast every day...
then to go to walk through a shelter of woods to your formal gardens with dahlias and roses near the house.  
the hedge is square.  the fish-eye wide lens made it look curved
Can you imagine living in such a place?  Talk about a dream world!
a serene pond setting
What a delight to find some dahlias still blooming....
along with some of the roses.
More artwork by Mother Nature.
On The Cutting Board
The title has to do with everything I have been working on this week.  Oh, you already figured that out! here's the Witch!  She is all done and ready to go.  I added a piece of driftwood for a more natural look.  I gave the driftwood a good scrubbing to get all the sand off of it.  
I braided some fabric with twine.  I thought using twine would also give the hanger a more natural look.
I wanted to add a little something to the end of the driftwood, so I gathered together some thick black thread, a purple ribbon, and some more twine.  I pulled the twine and thread apart.  I added some color by tying bright beads to the thread's ends.
Sorry the pictures are not better.  We are in a very shady spot.  The sun never hits this site.  The Witch already has a buyer, so I won't be listing her on Etsy.

Now for the Cupid/Angel and Snowman.
As I was finishing up the wall hanging, I received a request for two more custom orders.  This time both mug rugs are by Nancy Halvorsen.  The customer asked for a few simple changes.

The main change she asked for was to change Cupid/Angel's hair to a blonde bob with bangs and to straighten out her eyes.
What do you think?  I actually like her new hairdo.....and it is nice not to have those crooked eyes.
I will also be making her a snowman with straight-er eyes.  I told her two weeks, but I would like to ship them to her by the end of next week.  Well, I better get to it!

A last minute addition:  if you are looking for more handmade Halloween items by Etsy artists, click on the link below:
Happy Quilting!


  1. I never thought about going to Oregon until I saw your pictures. It's definitely going on the bucket list now :)

    New follower from the etsy blog team

  2. Oh yes! Oregon has so much to offer. The rugged coast where the mountains meet the sea and central Oregon has many gorgeous blue lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains to visit.
    Thanks for following me. I will visit and follow you too.

  3. great witch wall hanging Sandy...your pictures are wonderful. I have waned to go to Oregon since the late 70's and soon we will get a chance.

  4. You spend so much attention to detail on your work. I wonder how you manage to put a price on those.
    No wonder three of my kids have settled in Oregon. There is a little something for everyone in that state.

  5. Lovely pictures of flowers Mmmmmm.

    Hope you are better from the sinus headache when you read this.

  6. I love lighthouses and I agree that it must be an amazing place to live judging by your photos.. Love your witchy quilt!

  7. Great photos! I love the reflection on the pond, the beautiful flowers and the tree "art".
    Congrats on the fun custom orders as well :)


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