Monday, July 9, 2018

Recycled Roadrunner (Columbus, TX)

We have been spending most of our time hanging around the campground near the Colorado River in Texas.  Just taking it easy.  I haven't been taking a lot of photos so I thought I would share the photos from the Las Cruces Overlook Rest Stop.
Desert Willow and picnic area
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for viewing the mountains and the valley.
The picnic areas are covered and kept very clean with a grill.  Big rigs can stay overnight if you don't mind dry camping.
We really did not need to stop, but I wanted to see the recycled Roadrunner that watches over the valley. 
He was definitely worth the stop!
The artist did a wonderful job of catching the roadrunner's face using soles of shoes, wires, and a reflector with a bicycle tire for his eye.
I could see his wing had keyboards, stereo parts, and toys.  Can you see the horse?  He is just below the film wheel.
The tail had wire mesh with smaller items like cell phones, strips of metal, and belts.   All in all, it was quite interesting.  If you happen to be on I-10 and driving through Las Cruces, I highly recommend stopping here even if you are not ready for a rest.
A couple of more photos to share with you....
Moon over Benson, AZ
This is my favorite with a deer being more curious about the cats.  The cats were rather blasé about the whole encounter.  They just sat there giving her their bored look as she got closer.  She did not act threatening, but after taking this photo, I stood up to scare her away.  I felt she got a pretty good look at the strange critters and did not need to get any closer.
Curious Deer watching our cats near Medina Lake
On The Cutting Board
Since we are spending quite a bit of time around the campground, I have been able to finish another six Happy Campers.  Now, I need to spend some time taking photos and getting them listed in my shop.
 Here are some close-ups of the embroidery on the new ones.

 I started appliquéing the vine along with leaves and sweet peas on this quilt.  I should have this one done soon.
I want to get the second quilt top done before I start quilting the tops.  Time to get back to my Sweet Pea vine!
Happy Quilting!

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