Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bridges Crossed (Newport, OR)

I look forward to crossing the coastal bridges.  Each one is so unique and beautiful.  Most of the bridges were built in the early 1900’s in an Art Deco design by Conde McCullough.  The bridges along the Oregon coast are architecturally and artistically built to last…well most of them have made it.  Some have been restored, but this one was replaced.  The Alsea Bay Bridge in Waldport has been rebuilt in the spirit of the McCullough’s Art Deco design. 
taken from the pedestrian plaza
 I believe the pedestrian plaza is the original.  

 Each bridge has different designed obelisks.

 Each bridge has different designed pedestrian stairways and walkways.  This one included arches.

 Beautiful old stairway leading up to the bridge's arches and walkway from Waldport's side.

Did you know that the Oregon beaches use to be the coastal highway?  Because the coastal area was so rugged, north and south-bound travelers found it easier to travel on the sandy beaches until McCullough came along and connected Highway 101 with his bridges.  
One view from Yachats, OR
I will probably post more photos of these magnificent bridges as we travel down the coast.  I'll try not to take up so much space on the next ones.

On The Cutting Board
I crossed a different bridge recently when I was asked if I could do my Purple Lotus quilt in a different color.  I said yes, of course, it would not be an exact duplicate, but I could try to make it as close as the first one.  After emailing her photos of fabric I have in my stash, we finally agreed on colors and fabrics.  She picked pinks, turquoise, sky blue, or maybe just a little purple with a black backing.  

Letting someone else pick out colors and fabrics for me has been a lot of fun and a challenge.
Purple Lotus Lap Quilt
This is what I have so far.  I love the color scheme.  The black will make the other colors pop.  I will use the black in the appliquéd flower and for the binding.  I just started appliquéing last night.
I visited The Quilter’s Cove in Newport but I was very disappointed with the downsizing of the LQS.  The last time I visited the shop, it was in a larger store with a wonderful selection.  The downsizing was very noticeable as soon as I walked in the door.  I started looking around when someone (the owner?) walked out and asked if I needed help.  I said I was looking for fabric in a turquoise color.  She waved her hand in the air and said “Look around.  I’m sure you will find something.”  Okay…..I had blamed the poor economy for the downsizing of this shop, now I’m not so sure.  

I will give her credit for trying after I had been looking for several minutes.  She had come out from behind the counter to help me and a couple of customers.  By the time I left there, we were even talking like old friends, so I’m not sure what to think.  I did find one cut piece of turquoise batik that I felt was perfect to tie all the colors together in this quilt, but I did not get the black fabric.  I wanted 2.5 yards and she had less than 2 yards.
The turquoise batik - perfect match!
Well, you know what that means, right?  I'll just have to stop at another quilt shop...darn the luck...;0)  This time Dan and I went to Florence even though we will be living there soon.  I wanted to get this project going.

The Joy Of Quilting in Florence is another shop I had visited during our last visit to the coast.  They had the same amount if not more fabric to browse through.  Sigh…it was wonderful.  I found more blues and turquoise fabrics along with the black fabric....

Ready to  appliqué the petals.
..and I had a great time talking fabrics and quilts while I waited for Dan to return.  Happy Quilting!


  1. I really LOVE Joy of Quilting, they have such gorgeous bright colors and are so nice! You have taken so many great photos of all the bridge details. We are always driving it seems and I am lucky to get a windshield photo of the pillars!

    1. Thanks Sue! Take some time to view the bridges especially the one in Newport. The stairway is fantastic! It's a good thing I don't live near Joy of Quilting...I would go broke!

  2. Thanks for showing more of the bridges. Really neat!

  3. You will NEVER have too many photos in your post!
    Having someone else do the picking is a challenge but a nice one because often you end up trying something you never would have otherwise. Lookin' good.


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