Monday, March 26, 2012

Learning From My Mistakes (Yuma, AZ)

On the Cutting Board
I'm almost done with the first of three Uncle Sam mug rugs.  Yesterday, a dust storm kept our errand running short, so I managed to get quite a bit done on this mug rug.
Oh, and remember the applique Art Nouveau that I posted recently?  I had to toss it out.  I must have missed two of the greens for pre-washing.  I was spraying out the water-based pen and guessed it!...the green batik bled all over the white background!  Oh man!
Well, I'm starting from scratch.  A little discouraging, but I learned a lot while working on this first one, so I'll try not to make the same mistakes.  In the meantime, all the batiks will be getting a pre-wash before I start.

New Cat Box
Another recent mistake came to our attention when the cats recently started missing their litter box.  Talk about a pain to clean all the time. ugh!  We also noticed that Dusty would often wait until I pulled the larger box out from under the bathroom cabinet to be cleaned and use it. We thought he just wanted a clean box, but now we are thinking that he did not like the cramped space under the bathroom sink.  So, maybe it is time to make some changes for the cats.

We decided to find a larger box for them, but one that would not get in our way when sitting out in the living area.  Considering our small living space this wasn't going to be an easy shopping trip.  Surprise!  We found the perfect litter box at our first stop at PetSmart.
Thank you for the new kitty box!  I can see everything from here.

It is shaped to fit in a corner with a wide entrance and a tall ceiling.  Not to mention, it is big.  So big, I can put a 20 lb container of litter in the box and it barely gives them the three inches deep of litter.  The cats seem to like it especially Dusty, our largest cat.  I hope he feels a lot less cramped sitting in this one.
Hitch does know he can use the bottom level too.

Oh, and as far as cleaning up the cat urine, we are going to try Fizzion.  We caught a couple of shows called "My Cat From Hell" with a cat whisperer - Jackson Galaxy.  I found the show interesting to watch a spitting, very unsocialable cat become man's best cuddly friend.  Whew!  and we thought we had problems with Dusty missing the box.  He's just a pussycat compared to some of these troubled cats.

Anyway.... While watching one of the shows, Jackson said the only way to clean up cat urine was with CO2 Charged cleaner.  The only pet urine cleaner with CO2 that I could find on Google was Fizzion.

Our New Toy!
I rarely carried my cell phone because of bulk and I never used it.  A couple of calls to or from family was about it.
We received our new Droid Razors in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I'm carrying it all the time.  This is our first smart phone so we are slowly learning all this phone has to offer.  The best part is being able to find restaurants or stores while we are visiting a different town.  We try to look everything up on our laptops, but we can't always think of everything or always know where we will be when we get hungry.

I like having my Kindle books available along with iBird.  I used my phone to identify a couple of birds so far.  Pretty cool!  Yea, it's just the beginning of opening up a whole new world of technology....for me that is.
Happy Quilting!


  1. That's so discouraging to have to begin a project all over. I'm convinced that's why I'm not a better knitter -- I hate to rip out and start over.

    Our son got the first smart phone in our family last week. He loves his, too. I just wish they didn't charge extra for data plans!

  2. Have you used the fizzion enough to know that it works son has two 1 yr old female cats and ocassionaly finds urine not in the box.I will pass info along if you are pleased with the product.

    Just brought the bb home after 5 months in storage.
    I want to learn to drive...but it seems so large.

    I just received a tee shirt quilt top to quilt. She has several feed sack quilts to get finished next..they are so colorful.
    thanks for sharing the pic

  3. Sorry to hear about your project! I love my Droid as well, I wanted the Razor but I've got the Bionic. It's pretty nice too :) I can't live without my smartphone :)

    1. Thanks Heather,
      I have started over again with the applique project right after soaking all the batiks.
      I have a feeling I am going to be the same way with my Razor. There will be no going back!

  4. SO sorry to hear about the batik bleeding! Very disheartening. I'm very jealous of your Droid. I want to eventually move to some sort of mobile device that gives me email on the go. Still deciding.
    BEAUTIFUL Beaugainvilla photo!!

  5. Ah, the joys (and mishaps) of crafting! =)

    And the new litter box looks like a great size.

    Congrats on your new smartphone (I still don't have one...But oh how I do want one!).

    LOVE that last pic of the pretty flower.

    Visiting today from Blogging Buddies.

  6. what a great idea. My hubby has an iphone, but I haven't given in yet. I can't see paying all of that when I don't use it. OF course, I may change my tune when we're traveling this summer.
    Love the Uncle Sam mug rug!

  7. Sorry for your project!! the good thing, as you said, you'll be learning from your mistakes and never making them again :)

    I've always been a dog person, but I def LOVE all animals, more than a dog person I'm an animal person I think, so your tips may come useful in the future! who knows...!


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