Friday, March 30, 2012

KOFA KO-OP, Yuma, AZ (Needles, AZ)

We traveled most of yesterday to Needles, CA.  So, here's our Travel Blog post about KOFA KO-OP, Yuma, AZ:  

We stayed a week at the Escapees' KOFA KO-OP in Yuma AZ.  Our first impression upon driving into the park is that it looked more like an over 55 mobile home park instead of an Escapees co-op.  
The second thing that came to mind is the extra living space compared to the other parks.  There are still some sites with just  a storage shed and it doesn't look like anyone turns their shed into a Casita.  
bare lot with shed
Permanent homes with nice porches
Since we plan to keep traveling after we lease a site, we will not want a permanent home.  This is perfect for a couple wanting a winter home in a warmer climate and not wanting to deal with a motorhome or a trailer.
Pool and Hot tub
Other extras are the swimming pool and hot tub.  They also have clothes lines near the Laundry room.  Sandy thinks that is a wonderful idea.  Clothes would not take long to dry during Yuma's warm winters.

There is a wide variety of stores for shopping, lots of restaurants, and a Marine base nearby for the retired military.  We also heard that Algodones, Mexico has great shopping as well.  We did not cross the border to check it out.  Maybe another time if we are ever back this way.
Common areas with small gardens on 4 corners
One of the plants in the common area.

Our decision:  Yuma isn't for us. We find that we like the high desert more than the low desert.  The idea of having more living space is appealing, but the sites are a little smaller and feel just little cramped. And while the winters are nice and warm, the summers are very hot.

2 permanent homes
The nicest site
On Thursday 29 March we will move to a Coast to Coast campground in Needles CA for 2 nights, then on to the Pahrump NV Escapees co-op Pair-A-Dice for one week. After that we have booked ourselves into the Thousand Trails Campground in Las Vegas NV for three weeks to use our membership. We may not stay the entire 3 weeks, as we watch the weather up north and decide when we want to head towards Spokane WA.


  1. I agree, it looks kinda cramped. Looks like we'll be heading up to WA late July and we'll definitely be there the first ten days or so of August. Will you still be in the area then? There are some awesome quilt shops in Lynden.

  2. What fun you must have traveling around and seeing the sights (and quilt shops). :o)

  3. Wow!! you must be having fun!!! that kitty made my day LOL

  4. I really enjoy your sharing your travels with us. I have to ask though, is it difficult to find Internet access on the road. Hubby wants to take a long road trip in the future and silly me worries about Internet access.

  5. Can you feel my envy from way over there:)?

    1. I can feel for you, Rachel. I was in your shoes once. I would drool every time a motorhome would drive by me while I was going to work. I would wonder where they were going and how long they had been on the road. I had it baaaaad!


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