Friday, March 16, 2012

Clean Feathers? Will Travel (Benson, AZ)

We moved to Benson yesterday.  It is nice to be back at the Escapees' Saguaro campground.  Our site is in the center this time and it is okay, but I preferred the front lots with the cattle field in front of us.  There were a lot of quail and other birds hanging out across the street.  Lots of entertainment.  Maybe when we finally lease a site, we can get one in the front row.
Patagonia Lake State Park
I have added a new map page to both blogs for this year's travel adventures so you will be able to see where we are for 2012.  It'll be easier for me to maintain with a new map on a new page.  The last one was getting very hard to add new locations towards the end.

On the Cutting Board
All right!  Three mug rugs are done!  I hope to get all three listed in the next week or so -- depending on our sightseeing and traveling.  I'm starting the embroidery on the last two rabbits now. 

National Quilting Day
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  And it is also National Quilting Day.  I wish I could say I'll be spending the day quilting, but I don't see it happening.  I'll spend a little time working on my projects.  How about you?  Planning to spend the day quilting or viewing quilts.  Lots of quilt shows going on this weekend.

I made a treasury quilt sampler from Etsy Quilters.  Enjoy and Happy Quilting!
A Very Clean Hummingbird
Hmm, human watching me
Wait!  My feathers are dirty!
Got to cleeeeeeee-
eeeaaaannn my wings.
I'm ready for my picture to be taken.


  1. Awesome hummingbird photos!! Thank you for sharing them with us!

    1. Thanks Charlisue! and you are welcome!

  2. I like that first hummingbird pic best.

  3. The hummingbird is soooo cute!! And I love your mug rugs. Those are awesome.

  4. I can hardly see the little hummingbirds and you are able to catch them bathing! What amazing photos!
    I really love the colors and the lighting on the cherry blossom and bee photo.

    1. Thanks SibStudio! It is quite a challenge following the hummingbirds around to get their photos.
      I did too! I was so happy when the bee landed there.

  5. Such amazing photos! I hope you get a lot up front so you can take more nature shots...I really enjoy seeing life through your lens :)

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  7. Hi Hummer was very precious Sandy, I hope this goes thu...i never chose the correct profile before

  8. Hi Dawn, Your message came through. Thanks for stopping by!


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