Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Featured Treasuries (Patagonia, AZ)

On the Cutting Board
We are down to our last week as volunteers for the Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve.  We are training our replacements/friends/quilter this week.  Yep, more quilt talk!  WooHoo!

While waiting for our friends to arrive, I spent some time digging through my stash and found some great finds for my next mug rugs. Okay, so you are only seeing the backsides of the fabric.  Once they are cut out, I will post another picture.  I'm hoping to start sewing the other mug rugs together later this week.
More mug rugs
Nature Photos
I have learned one major characteristic about Javelinas.  When it comes to food, they have a very short-attention span....
Hey!  I smell Human.  Guys, you smell Human?
Sniff!  No Human.  Bad sniffer!
Food!  Nom nom nom!
Bewick's Wren
Say's Phoebe

Tuesday Treasuries

Great news! I am featured in two treasuries!  Thank you for featuring my quilts in your beautiful treasuries!  If you view, like, or share these treasuries, you will be thanking these two wonderful curators for adding my quilts.
~by Bachigs


  1. Cool about the treasuries! :o) Love the nature pics as always, and the mug rugs look like fun, can't wait to see them all done. :o)

  2. Happy Treasury Tuesday! Congratulations on the lovely features. And eee, I still can't get over how strangely cute Javelinas are! ^.^

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  4. Great Treasuries!!

    The pics..lovely as Always!!!

  5. I'm sorry that your time is almost up! Love the new nature photos though.

    Congrats on the treasuries!

    1. Thanks All Unwound! I'm ready to move on down the road and do some sightseeing before we leave Arizona.

  6. Great photos as usual! Enjoy them. I can't wait to see your mug rugs. I'm looking forward to making some for the first time.

  7. I love that little wren but those javelinas look too much like the scary wild boars we have ... those would never just stand and look . They would charge and someone would get hurt but not the boar.


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