Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doing the Touristy Thing (Benson, AZ)

Benson, AZ
Cactus Wren ~ fluffing up to call his mate
We moved to Benson on Thursday.  It is nice to be back at the Escapees' Saguaro campground.  Our site is in the center this time and it is okay, but we preferred the front lots with the cattle field in front of us.  There were a lot of quail and other birds hanging out across the street.  Lots of entertainment.  Maybe when we finally lease a site, we can get one in the front row.

¯I'm calling youuuuuuu! 
We have had a full agenda with visiting several areas so now I am behind on posting our touristy visits.  Today, the cold front has hit Arizona with high winds and rain.  Not to mention, a lot colder and very dark outside.  Sounds like a good day to stay indoors and do some catching up.  So, here's our first touristy visit with nature photos:

Patagonia Lake State Park
Our first tourist stop was at the State Park that everyone has been telling us about.  It was a gorgeous day where flowers were a-bloomin', bees were a-buzzin', and cow were a-mooin'.  
 Wait! What?  Yes, there were cows in the state park.  It is a free range area, so it is not unusual to find cattle blocking your path.  Not to mention, watching where we walked.  None of this walking and searching trees for birds unless we wanted smelly shoes.
Itchy head?
We did not see too many birds.  We heard them, but could not locate them in the high trees.  Maybe if we spent a few days there we would find them.  We did see some different ducks and one lone Great Blue Heron sitting in a tree.
No one can see me....

On the Cutting Board
I finished all three mug rugs!  I will be posting one a day on Etsy for $9.50 each.

 I started working on my last two rabbits.  I hope to have them posted before the end of this week.
Happy Quilting!


  1. If that heron had been a black backed one, those bird water birds could be in Tokyo. The little mug rugs turned out just darling. I'll bet they will be snatched up in a hurry. How long will you be staying in that location?

  2. I like your "touristy" photos. The heron photo is exceptional. Cut mug rugs!
    best, nadia

  3. I heard there was snow out there on the news today. I saw a heron in the creek outside work today and thought "I wish I had her talent with a camera". Stay warm and keep quilting. Love the pictures, and your product.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I practice taking photos everyday and still have room for improvement.
      We had snow flurries, but it did not stick.

  4. Gorgeous photos as always! The duck scratching its head is great.


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