Thursday, March 8, 2012

King's 11/22/63

11/22/63: A Novel
It's been awhile since I read one of Stephen King's books.    Maybe I should have started with another one of his books.  This one sounded more interesting and different with the idea of a Time Traveler going back to save JFK.  There is the question of the "butterfly effect" with such a major change to the past - what would it do to the future?  I was very curious to see how Stephen King would resolve this question.

I forgot how much King is into detail.  He did an amazing amount of detail into Lee Harvey Oswald's domestic life.  There were times I wasn't sure I would finish listening to this book which is 30+ hours long.  I was very young at the time Oswald shot JFK.  I have never had much interest in Oswald, but I have to admit this story did make me a little curious about Oswald's wife and kids after his death.  I found myself doing some quick research online just to satisfy my curiosity.

Back to the story.....Jake is introduced to a "hole" in time that takes him back every time to 1958.   Changes and the butterfly effect are noticeable when he returns to his time in the future.  Each time he walks through the "hole" to 1958, it resets history back to it original setting.  Everything he changed on his last trip is erased....or is it?  There are hints along the way that all is not back to normal.

It turns out the story is not about saving JFK.  It is the reason for traveling back through time and to live in the past for the next five years.  I thought the best part was Jake's visit to Derry, Maine.  If you are a King fan, you know Derry, Maine.  A place I would never want to live, but love to read about.  Some old characters also show up and I found myself thinking that I remember them!  It was like old creepy home week.

Along the way, Jake  finds he likes living in the past and he falls in love.  Instead of one filled with horror or supernatural qualities, this one is a science-fiction romance.

On The Cutting Board
I did a little cutting last night.  I cut out 1 1/2 Uncle Sams and 2 more Rabbits.  I am not sure I like all my fabric choices so I might change some of the smaller pieces out before I iron them together.  I thought I would make Uncle Sam's hat rim a dark gold so it would stand out from the background.  Do you think that looks strange?  Any suggestions for a different color?

We turned our office keys over to the new volunteers yesterday.  I have my fingers crossed for free time to get some tops quilted and more mug rugs done!

Spring Has Sprung!

Mexican Poppies


  1. Gosh...I haven't read a King book in years! This one sounds interesting.
    I think the gold hat brim looks good. And I like the pink and teal bunny :)
    Great photos! I'm so ready for Spring!

  2. I actually really enjoyed that book, although I had it on the Kindle rather than listening to it. I am not a fan of horror/King stuff, but he is such a good writer I gave this one a try and was glad I did. great looking poppies. Yay spring!

  3. I recently finished King's Full Dark, No Stars. It was pretty dark in some places, but overall enjoyable. I wondered if I should check out 11/22/63. Thanks for the review. :)


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