Monday, March 12, 2012

How Do You Say Good-Bye in Bird? (Huachuca City, AZ)

Yesterday, we spent a good part of the day packing or trying to remember where everything went.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I bought more stuff!  It's like trying to fit size 13 feet into size 10 shoes!  That's what happens when I don't keep things where they belong.  Sigh!  Lesson learned.  I must stick to my #1 rule:  if I don't have room for it then I must not need it.  Anyhow, I managed to get everything packed away.  It just took a little longer and a lot of juggling of stuff.

We spent some time talking to our friends/co-workers one last time and we took our last walk around the Preserve.  I will miss all our new friends along with all our new bird friends that we came to know so well, but we will be back.

The Vermilion was cooperative by landing on a lower limb so I could get a better photo.
Even the Rufous-backed Robin came out to peek at us.  I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks.
You are not gone yet?
Today, we said good-bye to Patagonia.  As you can see, a very unique town.
I'm not going to miss the Gila Woodpeckers hogging all of the hummingbird's food.  I was a little worried they would break the feeder.  They are too big for the feeder.
Hitch watching a Gila Woodpecker
We did not go far to our next destination.  We are about a half-hour down the road at Quail's Ridge RV Park in Huachuca City.  We have driven by this campground on our way to Sierra Vista and it is nice.

The cats are not happy because it is back to harnesses and leashes again.  Can cats mope?  Because I swear that's what three of them were doing after they came in from their walk.  We are only staying here for a few days so we can visit some areas nearby then it is on to Benson for a week.

On the Cutting Board
Before packing up my sewing machine, I sewed together three mug rugs.  Now I have lots of hand sewing to do!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Great photos as always. I definitely think animals can mope. Our dog was so dejected last time the kids went back to college. He looked so sad and kind of lifeless that day.

  2. Beautiful birds! =)
    Can't wait to see some more great photos from Sierra Vista!
    visiting today from Blogging Buddies

  3. I also love bird watching...your pics are always wonderful...sometimes I feel jealous! Just kidding:)

    ..wish I could take great bird snaps like U.

    Btw, nice mug rugs:)

    1. Thanks Megha! I have to give credit to 365Project (take a photo @ day) and to a photographer giving me some good advice.

  4. Lovely photos -the one of the vermilion was such a perfect capture! But don't know how you kept your cat from jumping through the window at that woodpecker!

    1. Thanks Holly! Oh, he has tried several times to go through the window. He had given up when I took the photo.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful bird pictures!! And I must say, I love the VW van!

  6. That Vermillion is beautiful - I've never seen one. Have a safe journey.


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