Thursday, March 22, 2012

Celebrating 3 years on the Road (Benson, AZ)

Today is a travel day for us.  We are heading for Yuma, AZ, but first we want to do a little reminiscing.  Why today?

Well, three years ago we started our new life on the road filled with many adventures, new friends, and interesting places to visit.  It is hard to pick out one favorite place because each one is unique in its own way.  There have been no regrets in selling our sticks & bricks house.  Look at all the things we would have missed if we had stayed in Albuquerque working 40 hour weeks with only a 2-week vacation.

Ready to start our adventure on the road.
 We would never have been able to see our granddaughters or our daughter as often.  We have seen both granddaughters do a lot of growing up in the last three years into well-mannered young ladies.
And some of our family has been able to visit us in our different locations.
Our son, Shaun visiting us in Patagonia
 Sandy's brother Jay visiting us in Key West  
Dan's sister and her husband visited us in Patagonia, but we never got around to taking any photos.  We'll have to make up for that next time.

Then there's many adventures we would have missed.  We would never have been held up by the Burro Gang in Custer's State Park in SD.
Give us all your apples!
 We never had views like this from our home....
South Dakota
Key West, FL
Some places are filled with friendly people....
Saguaro Skp Co-op, Benson, AZ
 Other places are a lot less populated...
Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve
And I have to slip this in..
  I never would have seen half the quilt shows, shops, or museums....

We never would have kayaked in the Florida Keys...
 or have seen the Arches....well, maybe since we did live within traveling distance for a 2 week vacation....
Anyhow.....or climbed rock fins...
 or frozen our feet to see Crater Lake...
How can you beat views like this?
Northern California
Shenandoah National Park
So much more to see and do.  It will be a long time before we get tired of our lifestyle.  Happy Trails to all!


  1. Oh My Gosh how I envy you two!!I believe this is most everyone's dream to pull up roots and just travel around this wonderful country!!

  2. What wonderful adventures and memories! My favorite photo is the Burro Gang. So funny. And I love your granddaughters' red hair -- beautiful!

  3. You must have a lot of fun! I would love to travel out west someday :)

    1. Hi Heather, We do! There is so much to see and do. I hope your dream comes true!

  4. What an exciting way to live! You've seen such amazing sights in just three years. The Ogre and I dream about buying a trailer and traveling, perhaps if I ever start making enough money at art to survive.

  5. Hooray for livin' like vagabonds! I do love that red hair...and the burros too! So jealous, I want to do that!!!!

  6. Happy three years! Looks like a lot of good times on the road, and the places you've seen look beautiful (Wow @ Crater Lake!)

    1. Thanks Holly! Crater Lake was absolutely breath-taking!

  7. You are blessed with such a great family! Loved looking through your travel pictures. All places I'd love to visit someday...if my kids ever let me sleep through the night and are able to get their own breakfast!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Oh, that day will come faster than you think. One day, I'm feeding my little ones and now they are cooking meals for us. Keep your dreams, they will come true!

  8. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary! You are definitely living life to the fullest. You are right, you would have missed so much. Plus, I have so enjoyed all your wonderful photography from your travels.

    Keep rolling along!!!


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