Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tree Spirits and Peacocks

Sometimes walking by myself in the woods, I wonder who all is watching me...Mr. Red Robin?

Are the two love birds...um I mean Ravens watching?

Sorry, did I interrupt your little rendezvous? 

Or maybe the flighty and rather nervous Bridle Titmouse....

.....he's says he is not nervous, its just part of his nature.

Mr. Squirrel is certainly keeping his eye on me while having his snack.

All are true keepers and spirits of the forest.

Tuesday's Treasuries
I'm feeling a little whimsical today if you could not tell.  So here's a couple of Treasuries I put together because I found the items to be so enchanting.  Enjoy!


  1. Oh I do so LOVE your bird pictures! and the squirrel too

  2. That's a great day of birdwatching! I really enjoyed the pretty photos.

  3. Amazing bird photographs, especially the one with the open wing! And yay, thank you so fairy much for including my tree sprite in your magnificent treasury.

  4. Absolutely beautiful images as always, love looking at them x

  5. i LOVE the bird pics! nature photos are the best


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