Saturday, January 21, 2012

Delightfully Dizzy! (Patagonia, AZ)

I finished making the Delightfully Dizzy quilt top.  Every time I thought I was done making blocks...I decided to add more. This challenge turned into a lot of fun!  I finally ran out of squares to make more blocks and the quilt is only lap size.
This is going to be a fantastic springtime quilt.  I can't wait to finish it now.
I had so much fun, I could not resist adding appliqué to the top.  I did manage to control myself and I only added one flower to the top corner.
appliqué flower
Close-up of stitching
More Photos from Our Walks
Sonoita Creek
Western Screech Owl's soaking up some rays during his nap
Don't give me the Doe Eyes!  I'm not going to give in!
Spotted Towhee - talk about having "Red-Eye"
Mama and Baby Javalina  Time to go Bye!-Bye!


  1. The quilt will be perfect for spring! I love all of the bright colors. It's refreshing to see them this time of year. Beautiful nature photos, too.

  2. It's such a happy quilt! Love the big ears on the doe!

  3. Love the quilt! The flower is perfect. I think I would have added more than one. :)

  4. Love the nature photos! What a sweet deer. We seem to have them flocking around our neighborhood in the city because of the wooded areas. Had some close calls a few times this year already with them prancing in front yards and the edge of the street. Also love that flower applique on the quilt!

  5. The applique is a perfect finishing touch! Are you going to hand-quilt this one too? The javelina remind me of the children's book,The Three Little Javelina. I've been day dreaming about children's quilts since we have a new grandson and that would be a great Texas theme!

  6. Beautiful quilt top and I love that flower! As always I enjoy your nature photos. That owl blends right into the tree. You have to know he's there to see him.

  7. You are right, that quilt is going to be so beautiful and cheery! I love the bright colors. Thanks for sharing the outdoor beauty too. :o)

  8. Beautiful, beautiful quilt!!
    Doe eyes are always so sweet :)

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  10. Beautiful wildlife photography and your Delightfully Dizzy quilt is gorgeous! Maggie xx


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