Friday, January 27, 2012

All In A Day's Work (Patagonia, AZ)

I'm feeling very productive this week.  Last night, I finished crocheting the baby blanket.  Yea!  It only took me a year to finish, but I had fun doing it!

Once in awhile, I like to read my horoscope.  I don't see me reminiscing about my past unless it is about my sewing room, but I do like the last part (in bold).  Oh Yes!  So True!
  • If you listen to someone reminisce about the past today, don't be surprised if you get an urge to follow suit. Your mind will wander back to the person you used to be, and you will naturally compare that person to who you are now. The rose-colored lens of nostalgia might make you miss the life you used to have, but after closer inspection you should come to the conclusion that there is no other place where you would rather be than right here. It's a good feeling. 

 I got some great photos of Western Bluebirds and a Cedar Waxwing.

Getting some sun
Honey, who is that masked bird??
Never fear!  I will protect you from that crazy lady with the camera! 
I finished another murder mystery book....

Knit, Purl, Die by Anne Canedeo

Knit, Purl, Die   [KNIT PURL DIE] [Paperback]
I finished the second book in the Black Sheep Knitters’ series.  Once again, the Black Sheep Knitters pick up on dropped clues and slowly knits them together to solve the mystery.

I had a harder time getting into this story.  The knitting group is still the same.   Their support for each other had a great feeling of camaraderie.  I love this group of ladies and I would learn to knit just to spend time with them.

So, why did I have a harder time with the beginning of this book compared to the first one?  I finally realized that I was having a problem liking the new member – Gloria.  Gloria is in her fifties and one of those flamboyant rich women who insist on fighting natural aging with chemicals and surgery.  I have a very strong dislike towards women like Gloria.  I’m not jealous.  I just happen to respect older women who age gracefully with healthy living and with a mature attitude towards aging.  Women like Helen Mirren who starred in “Calendar Girls”.   Which is also #1 in my favorite movie list…….. and I digress….

Once I realized it was me and not the story, I was able to enjoy the second mystery.  Gloria is the murder victim and her untimely demise leaves the Black Sheep Knitters in shock.  During one of their knitting sessions, their friendship deepens as they talk about life being cut short and living to fulfill their dreams.  I see some subtle changes in Maggie the shop owner and widow.  I also see Lucy deepening her relationship with her boyfriend.  A message to all of us is to live life to the fullest.

In the end, I found myself enjoying this story.  What I really like about Anne Canedeo’s writing is the mystery clues actually fit, but she doesn’t overdo it to the point that I have solved the mystery before the ”Poirot Conclusion”.   Well, okay, I usually have a general idea as to who did it, but she has managed to surprise me both times….and yet the clues were there.  I’ll have to do better on her next book “A Stitch Before Dying”.

Last, but not least....the cats got some outdoor time.
Did I hear a tweet?
I'll be your friend.
And that's my work week so far......


  1. Seems u were quite busy:)
    btw Lovely Pictures!

  2. Also...found u through the blog team

  3. The bird photos are beautiful! That's fun that you can take your cats outdoors like that.

  4. Your pictures are amazing and I'm most impressed that your cat will wear that little harness. I tried it a couple of times when my cat was young in hopes that he's get used to it, but he made himself stiff and fell over like one of those fainting goats!

  5. I have never read that series but I love mysteries. Monday a friend gave me a whole bag of books and I am such a SLOW reader those might take me through to summer. Do I have to tell you how much I love the pictures? I think you know and posted them for my enjoyment.

  6. Great photos! Did the cats enjoy watching the birds? The masked one sure is handsome!


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