Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teddy Bears, Snowmen, and Coatimundi, Oh MY!

Embroidery Projects
I finished another top!  I am so happy with the outcome on this Redwork quilt.  I did not realize how much I missed embroidery until I started this project.  I did get a little tired of using "just red".  At the same time, on evenings when I just wanted to veg-out and keep my hands busy, it was nice to have the color decision already done.  Now I have two tops ready to be quilted.  Gosh, that feels so good!

Okay, call me crazy..I wanted to start on the "Snowman Collector" Redwork pack that I bought in Branson, MO. (posted Aug2011)  Like I don't have enough projects going at this moment.  

There's something like 24 blocks to embroider in this project, so I decided to start small with a pattern that was published in "Quiltmaker" magazine by the same designer.  I'm using different colors for this one block since I have a small tub filled with DMC threads.  Might as well use them, right?  After I finish this first block, I will decide with the pattern pack if I want to use just red or blue or different colors for the whole project .
I used a mechanical pencil to transfer the pattern
New Light Box

I ordered up a light box so I can take better photos of my items for sale.  I was amazed to find this kit on Amazon for under $30 by ACM Global.  Of course, it was almost $44 by the time I paid for shipping, but it is still a great deal when others are selling just the folded light tent for $70.
My kit included a tent with 4 colored inserts (red, blue, black,white), 2 standing lights, and a small tripod.  The tent folds up into a very nice carrying case that holds all the above and it is easy to store in my closet.

With some practice and test runs, I hope to get the lighting right.  Then I can re-post some better photos in my Etsy shop.  I sort of like using the black background.  It doesn't wash out the colors.  The white background seems to give off a glare.  I'll have to work with the white background some more.

A Family of Coatimundi
Yesterday, Dan followed some Coatimundi and deer into the woods.  I stayed on the trail.  I don't like walking through the thickets here.  While waiting for Dan to come back, I heard a lot of crashing in the woods on the other side of the old cottonwood.  

The next thing I knew, I was looking at a family of eight Coatimundi looking at me from the old tree.  Some were making a 'chugging" sound as they sat in the tree staring at me.  Yea, they seemed a little upset with us humans.  

I stayed on the path and tried to get photos through the tree branches.  Most of the photos did not come out too well.  It was interesting to watch them run up and head first down the tree. 
Check out those toe nails.   Good for digging, climbing,
and hmm, I think I'll keep my distance.
Dan got some more photos and video of the Coati while he was in the woods. We will post them on 2toomanycats blog soon.  They are so fascinating to watch.
Oh no, here comes another human!


  1. That porttable photo studio looks very practtical. Well, anything useful that folds up into a small pack is practical. Soon your nature subjects will be lining up for studio portraits.

  2. Love the embroidery! And that snowman pattern looks beautiful. What a cool and compact photo light box.

  3. I love the light box...I should get one too :)

    <3 Jesse from blogging buddies

    Follow me back:

  4. I never heard of coatimundi. Always something new to learn! Love the redwork!

  5. Wow! I've never embroidered before, but it's something I really want to learn. Great stuff, and I can't wait to see the snowmen!

  6. I love to do handwork. To me it is so relaxing. Love the redwork!

  7. Thanks Patty! I find handwork very relaxing too. I prefer it over using my sewing machine.

  8. Love the quilts as usual!! I'm just learning embroidery now. Its alot of fun! Hopefully, I can get some pictures up soon of my BOM I'm working on and the quilt tops I'm almost done piecing. I have Trey's quilt about half finished-quilting by hand of course!


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