Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th (Patagonia, AZ)

How did your day go?  

Me?   Other than the fact that I am running way behind on finishing my blog today, I am doing pretty, I guess I had a good Friday.  Yesterday, not so good.
Two days ago, a cold front moved into the area giving me a sinus headache.  I was feeling very lethargic..and...well just...Blah!  You know?  Not liking this feeling, I took a walk with hopes of clearing away the cobwebs.

The first feathered friend I ran into looked about the way I felt.  He was all fluffed up and watching me.  He was probably hoping I would not get too close because he really looked too tired and cold to fly.
Go away Lady, you are bothering me!
The Black Phoebe was very chipper looking for bugs and perching very close to me. 

I even got a couple of good pictures of a Flicker.  I don't know if this is a Northern or a Gilded Flicker.  I'm hoping one of my birding friends will tell me because I could not figure it out from our bird books. 

The fresh air did bring back some of my energy.  I even felt good enough to start working on my Snowman block last night.  I decided to use the back-stitch instead of the running-stitch.  The back-stitch seems to be easier to control when it comes to curves and there are a lot of curves in this pattern.

Today, the sun is back.  Yep, I feel more bright-eyed and bushy tailed!...The Cat's Meow!


  1. Snowman's looking good! You always have the most beautiful bird pics!

  2. Seems the cat likes birding too...or trying to help identify the flicker? I think a change in air pressure that comes with the change in weather causes issues. The snowman is coming nicely... good therapy.

  3. Great photos of the birds, but the cat really takes the cute!

  4. You sure did get some great pictures! Look at the cat, he wants to play with the birdies!!

    Hope you are recovering quickly.

  5. The bird photos are great. Also liked your deer story--ain't it the truth. Your teddy bear redwork quilt is so cute. Who doesn't like redwork?
    best, nadia

  6. What a fun walk! Nature is so relaxing and refreshing :) I can't wait til Spring so I can get back out and enjoy it more!


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