Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mother Deer - We Know the Feeling!

I'm on the trail looking at the tree tops for birds when I hear a lot of splashing coming from the creek.  I turned slowly to see three Coues Deer (pronounced Cow) staring back at me.  It looked like it was Mama with two teenagers.  I stood very still hoping not to scare them off. 
They relaxed and I soon found out why I had heard so much splashing earlier. I'll call the spunky one - Junior since he was being such an energetic little fellow compared to his sibling.  There's just something about boys and water that I cannot figure out and apparently neither could Mama Deer. 
Water!  Yipee!!!
While Junior was hopping, running, twisting in the air, and making big splashes, Mama was trying to stay out of his way.  She just wanted to have a peaceful meal.  Sigh, you got to let them run off that extra energy or they will never take their afternoon naps. 

Junior! How many times have I told you not
to splash me while I'm eating?  Sorry, Ma!

If you don't calm down, I'm going to thump you!  OKAY!
 So, Mama goes back to eating.  Within minutes, Junior is back to running around, but not splashing.

...and around..
Running in circles and NOT watching where he is going...
 ....he almost runs right into Mama's behind!

Oops! Not fast enough!
Mama's head comes flying up!  Food and water went everywhere!  Her hoof came up and with surprising tenderness she places her hoof squarely in the middle of his head!  (I missed the shot because I was laughing too hard)  The moment was gone before I could get a photo.  Junior took off for the other side of the creek.
Far from Mama's hooves..

 ....but he did not stay away too long...
Can a deer have an exasperated look on her face?  (from one Mom to another: I know that feeling)

She gave up after that.
Heh!Heh!Heh!  Wore her down!


  1. OH! Thanks for letting me "be" there! I sure wish I could have seen the 'thump" LOL!

  2. I cant believe how lucky you are, what a spot!! My favourite one is the last one !!

  3. Love (!) these photos. So adorable :)

  4. actually, it was watching 3 different deer families play and act like people that got me to become a convinced vegetarian. they are so fun and interesting to watch. watch some cows, sheep and pigs act like families sometime. very educational.

  5. again wonderful pictures! I voted for ya today!!

  6. Oh wow! You snapped some really great pics! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Oh how funny! I love the pic where mama is saying "how many times have I told you..." Perfect! That little guy is just like all boys!

  8. Thanks Beckvalleybooks! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  9. Thank you Clancy! Much appreciated!

  10. Hi Anonymous! I'll have to watch the farm animal families the next time we are near them. I bet they can be quite entertaining!

  11. I love the pictures and your funny blow-by-blow. It reminds me what a perfect mother I was until God gave me two sons to keep me humble!

  12. Great pictures! I didn't know deer would play in the water - apparently they love it. LOL!

  13. This is so awesome! How wonderful that you got to witness this so closely!

    here because of Sarah~Magnolia Surprise's link dropping.

    Splendid Little Stars

  14. Wow gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Awesome pictures! So nice to be out in nature and capture moments like that.

  16. Thanks Kathleen! Yep, and I have proof that they do enjoy playing in water!

  17. Amazing photos!! That’s wonderful that you happen to be in just the right place and at the right time to capture such splendor (beautiful deer) and spectacle (junior playing)!

  18. Thanks Ugly Barn Farm! It was wonderful! I hope to be that lucky again someday.


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