Saturday, July 9, 2011

Seasonal Potholders or Mug Rugs

Summer has barely started and I am ready for some cooler weather. Well, I certainly don’t want to rush Father Time so I will be patient. While I am waiting, I will start working on some seasonal items.   In-between my quilt projects, of course.

I have been fusing fabric together with Steam-A-Seam2, but I’m find this fusible hard to get the needle through. It’s a little hard on the fingers and hands. Especially when there are 3 layers!  I think I’m going to try a lighter weighted fusible. Any suggestions? What do you use to fuse fabrics for appliqué work? 

Pumkin parts are ready to be cut out.

Tracing the pattern onto Steam-A-Seam2

I find using a pin to score the paper in the center works the best.

Peel towards edge.
Appliqué Pressing Sheet

I like using the appliqué pressing sheet.  The pressing sheet goes over the design. I can see the design for placement and iron on the sheet.  The fusible webbing does not stick to the sheet.  I start ironing the smaller pieces together.  I go backwards as I add the larger pieces.  This makes it easier to place each piece in its proper spot.  

3 more ready for embroidery

Working on Snowman.

Button Hole Stitch

I finished the Snowman and I am thinking of selling these as decorative mug rugs instead of potholders.  The reason for this?  I have been embellishing the 'potholders' with buttons and they might melt if a hot pot is put on them.  I think they will make a very festive mug rug, don't you?

Mug Rug?
Happy Quilting!


  1. Like the mug rug idea, Sandy! Very cute. I have used stitch-witchery in the past with good results - not so tough to stitch through. It has been years since I did a project with it though and it may not even be out there any longer. Just a thought. I'm impressed that you are thinking of the holidays in July! Of course, that is the only way you will have inventory when that time comes, but we are on our 26th (I think) day of over 100 degrees here in the Austin area, so you can see why it is hard to imagine holidays yet!

    I recently finished another lap quilt and another new project (not quilted) as a test for my dogs. IF it is successful, I will share. Thinking of making them to sell on

    Have fun and happy travels and sewing and quilting!

    Becky Lawry

  2. P.S. Your reminder re: caught my eye too. I click on it every single day on the HUNGER tab, to provide a cup or so of food to hungry animals. Easy to do and such a great cause. Great minds really do think alike, huh?

    Becky Lawry

  3. Thanks Becky! I can't wait to see your lap quilt, but I am more curious about your dog project.

    I have used stitch-witchery before. Well, a long time ago. I think Joann sells the it.

    It has been hot and humid here too. Since I am forces to sew indoors, I thought small projects would be better.

    It is a great cause and yes, we do think alike! LOL! I have been clicking the Paw for over three years. Sandy

  4. I don't even know if that fusable stuff is available in Japan but the instructions would all be in Japanese if it were. I like your results. (nothing like being ready when those holidays show up).

  5. Thanks Julie, I guess reading Japanese instructions would be hard to do. :0) Sandy

  6. I love them!! Where did you get the pattern for them? I've never tried fusable stuff before. I use the "old school" method of applique, although, I've been looking at trying it out.

  7. Hi Michele, The designer is Nancy Halvorsen. I have three pattern books with her potholders. Halloween: “Easy Does It For Autumn”
    Snowman: “Easy Does It for Winter”
    Christmas: “Happy Holidays To You”


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