Monday, July 25, 2011

New Seasonal Mug Rugs Listed Online

These were originally potholders, but I thought they were too cute to use under a hot dish.  I plan to hang my collection on the kitchen wall for seasonal decorations when I am not using them to as a Mug Rug.

With all this extreme hot weather, I am looking forward to cooler weather and a nice cup of hot tea in the Fall.  I'm ready with some Autumn colors of orange, red, green, and brown in these cute Harvest Acorn Mug Rugs.
Acorn Harvest Mug Rug

Harvest Acorn
Check out my new Mug Rugs in my QuiltinCats Shop

Description of all Mug Rugs:
I use all cotton scraps. All embroidery is hand-stitched with DMC 100% cotton thread. All quilting is hand-stitched around design. Appliqué is fused with Steam-A-Seam2. 

Batting is Insul-Bright. A heat-resistant batting. 
**Do not use for holding HOT dishes** The buttons are NOT heat resistant and may melt if a hot dish is placed on them. 

This cute pattern was designed by Nancy Halvorsen from Art to Heart. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Art To Heart.

Isn't this cute!  As soon as I saw the pattern, I thought of Bugs Bunny and that crazy Witch Hazel! And that laugh!  She was hilarious!  She always cracked me up!
Witch Mug Rug

Holding my brew!


  1. Those are lovely! Won't it be nice when they come into season.

  2. Thanks Julie! I have more that I need to upload so stay tuned!

  3. These mug rugs are adorable. You did a great job on them.


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