Sunday, April 28, 2013

Walking Through Zion (Zion National Park, UT)

Doesn't Dusty look peaceful?  He was until I took his photo, but it didn't take him long to get back to his cat nap.  As my Fabric Inspector, he deserves a break.  I haven't lifted a needle since we got here.
We have been hiking and visiting every day since my brother Jay arrived with his fiancé Beverly.  Lots of catching up to do with Jay and getting to know my new SIL-to-be!
Beverly, Jay, Dan
I'm getting ready for another hike for today so this will be short.  I am posting some photos from our first hike to the Lower, Middle, Upper Emerald Pools.  I was surprised that I wasn't more sore the next day.  What a shock it was to realize that I was more than ready for more hiking the next day and the day after and today.
Middle Emerald Pool falling into the Lower Emerald Pool
I do feel a little exhausted after our hikes, but in a good way.
Lower Emerald Pool
 Funny, I haven't felt a need to get more sleep.  If anything, I am sleeping less.
I guess between the views, the company, and all the fresh air, I am feeling extra spry.  Now, if I can just bottle up the extra energy for later...
Jay, Beverly, Dan, and Me
The squirrels are very aggressive in the more heavily visited areas by tourists.  At the Upper Emerald Pool, a couple of these little guys were looking for fallen crumbs, blatantly begging for food....
or stealing the food when people were not looking.  One squirrel sat between Jay and Beverly while they were having a snack.  One even poked at Beverly's back and managed to steal some of her trail mix!
We think the squirrel should be fined for stealing her food.  See, I even got a picture of him breaking into another person's bag.  Yep, caught red-pawed!
Happy Trails!


  1. Looks like Dusty is taking your naps for you. I'm glad to see you out there on the trail because it will mean even more lovely pictures.

  2. I've recently discovered your blog and love your posts and photos! My hubby and I visited Zion a few years ago so these photos bring back great memories. P.S. How do you add your signature and year to the photos? I should do the same to my photos on my blog.

    - happy quilting from Jennifer (who has 3 cat quilt inspectors!)

  3. Awww, your kitty looks so content! Naps make me happy, too. ^.^

    And ha, you got a much better shot of a squirrel than I did this week.

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Silly Squirrel Photo


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