Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zen In Zion (Zion National Park, UT)

We made it to Zion National Park around 4pm.  What a view!  It has a Zen feel to the area and I need that right now.
I wasn't feeling to Zen when we were on the road yesterday.  The night before our travel day, I woke around midnight to high winds shaking our motorhome.  Yep, 65 mph can rock this big rig.  Plus our small awnings were out, so Dan went out to roll them up.  Of course, the winds kept me awake wondering if we would be able to travel the next day.  Big Yawn!!
The next morning, the local news said the wind was on schedule and would slow down to 15-20 mph by noon.  So nice to know the wind stays on schedule....riiiiight, I don't think the winds did such a good job because it was still blowing pretty good when we left around 11 am.  Dan wrestled gusts of winds all the way to Zion.  I think we were both worn out and ready to be off the road.  
Our site is on the Virgin River.  It is a little muddy, but the sound of moving water while sitting outside is wonderful.  We rarely have this kind of opportunity.  We had to pay extra for the river site and it is worth it.  We are not far from a pedestrian bridge that takes us out of the park and into the town of Springdale.  The town looks very interesting.  I would not mind spending some time exploring it too.
This looks like a good place to relax and get our energy back. And yet, there is so much to little time. Wait!  Why am I sitting here typing?????

On The Cutting Board
This has been an ongoing project for the last couple of years.  I started this post a month ago.  Here's my progress so far....

My scraps are out of control!  They are busting out of the seams of the 2 gallon baggies and now the 13 gallon bag is showing a lot of stress as well.  I swear I keep trying to use them up.  For every small scrap I use, there are more scraps, not to mention, bigger scraps waiting to go into the bag.  Darn it!
I have been using this crooked log cabin block for many of the scraps, but it is only a 8-inch block.  The bad thing is that  it doesn't use up the scraps very fast.  The good thing is that I will need a lot of these blocks to make a quilt.
Decision time!  Keep going with the same routine and slowly bury us in scraps or find a way to use larger scrap pieces and start trimming that scrap bag down to a more manageable size.  I chose to trim down the bag.  The Crazy 8 quilt pattern will be a great scrappy quilt.  It needs 5 1/2 inch squares.  Yes, I did have some scrap pieces that are big enough to cover the squares.
I also wanted to do the quilt on the cover of the "Quilts From the Heart".  Then I realize the small scraps are only 2-inch squares.  I really want to make this quilt, so I'll start collecting the 2 inch squares.  Once I have a small baggie (as in sandwich size), I will cut up the 3 1/2 inch squares and start assembling the blocks for this quilt.

Better to have blocks sitting around than a bag full of scraps, right?  Okay, I'm out of here....the birds are calling....the cats are begging.....the sun is shining........
Happy Trails!


  1. Amazing photos!! I'm stopping by from Blogging Buddies.

    1. Thanks Angelique for stopping by!

  2. I hope you went out for some more nature photos. That looks like a lovely place. I am not a big fan of wonky but those log cabin blocks will look great together. I save scraps but anything smaller than one inch goes into the waste can.

  3. Hi Sandy! I just caught up with your last three posts - you're following a trail we did in 2009. Would love to go back! Your campsite in Zion sounds so peaceful. The beautiful red cactus flower you photographed is a Claretcup - we're in Deming, NM and there is one that bloomed for the first time this season a few days ago. Lovely!
    Keep well! :)

  4. As always I love seeing your photos and reading about the places you visit. I find it very inspirational. I love scraps too and the colours in you log cabin blocks are gorgeous.

  5. Zion looks beautiful. Those winds sound scary but exciting!

  6. Oh wow...That park looks amazing!
    And I think you made a good choice to trim down the bag. A scrappy quilt will be great. =0)

  7. Love those log cabins with the cute focus square in the middle! I have nominated you for a Liebster award for great, small blogs! I hope you'll check out my post and join in the fun!


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