Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Clear Vista Views (Cottonwood, AZ)

We needed to get out after the cold front that came through this area, so we drove north of Sedona, AZ to Oak Creek Vista on 89A.  I think the best views are in or near Sedona, but I did enjoy the drive all the way up and back again.

At Oak Creek Vista, we checked out the vendors tables filled with Native American artwork exchanging talk about the best weather we have had all week.
Quite a panoramic view from the Vista.  I had more photos, but this is my favorite...
There were apple trees blossoming near the highway inside a state park.  Really amazing to see them in a canyon area surrounded by red rocks.
The last two photos are just north of Sedona.  I found the trees as interesting as the landscape.  I'm not sure if they are alive anymore, but they were very gnarly and droopy.

The red rock is so amazing here especially against a blue sky..eh, maybe next time there will be less clouds.

On The Cutting Board
I'm trying to get my finished projects loaded onto Etsy.  With some luck, I should have them all loaded, but not posted/listed before we leave here.  I plan to release them one at a time.

This lamb is from the "Born In A Barn" series by Fayette Terlouw.  I made two of the lambs.  Next time, I plan to make the lamb more round and less curvy.  It'll also make it a little bigger.  This is my smallest mug rug right now.  I also wanted to do something a little different on the backside, sooo.....
......I added a tail and "Especially for EWE".
I also finished "Just Chillin'" Penguin.  Isn't he cute?  The penguin is designed by Laurie Furnell.  I hope to incorporate a few more of her penguins into some more quilted ideas.  
A wall hanging..or appliqued to a quilt...  Oh, I'm sure I will think of something.
Happy Quilting!

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  1. That colorful rock formation is stunning... and your little rugs are so cute.


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