Friday, April 12, 2013

Castles in the Air (Cottonwood, AZ)

We visited the Montezuma Castle and my first impression was a "Wow" moment.  I have been to Mesa Verde twice and I guess I never tire of seeing the old pueblos.
 I wish we could visit the inside and see the view from above.  Plus, I just love walking around the ruins trying to imagine what it was like to live there.
Of course, I can't imagine having to climb up or down to my home everyday with water and food except that I would be in very good shape.
There was one cactus blooming outside the Visitor's Center.  The deep colors caught my eye as we were heading back.  How did I miss this beautiful cactus as we were heading outside?  I guess my head was already in the clouds!
Look at the center of this is almost a shade of lavender with lime green.  Hmmm, sounds like a great color combo for a quilt - bright red, lavender, pale yellow, and lime green.  Oh!  I'll have to keep that one in mind the next time I search through my stash!
We also visited Tuzigoot.  This two-story pueblo is built 120 feet above the valley.  Now, that is quite a panorama view.  We were able to walk among a small portion of the ruins. The floors are cement instead of dirt with only the remaining walls.  One building did have a ceiling, so it was a little harder to imagine the old living quarters.  Still, it is worth the visit.
The museum was quite interesting with many found pieces of woven cotton, baskets, and pottery.  Some of the woven cotton was so small that I found myself getting closer and closer to the, I did not leave a nose smudge on the glass!  I did steam it up though.
Have a great weekend and Happy Trails!


  1. I would love to see those sights in person. The cactus in bloom is gorgeous.

  2. That's a place I've always wanted to see. Isn't the sky magnificent? I love your flower shots, too.


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