Thursday, April 4, 2013

Onward North! (Cottonwood, AZ)

We moved to Cottonwood on Monday.  This area is more high desert and I'm not seeing as many blooming flowers.  I'm sure they are on their way.  Before we left Usery Park, I took some more photos that I wanted to share with everyone.
 Dusty doesn't look to happy.  He must have heard we were moving....or maybe he was just annoyed with me taking his picture....again.
Cactus Wren
This Cactus Wren was singing and posing for me.  He did not mind me taking the pictures.  Gee, Dusty can learn a few things from this guy.
Gambel Quail
 It must be mating season, because the male Quails have also been making a lot of noise lately.  This one stopped to see what I was doing before continuing his serenade for the ladies.
 And before I's a few more desert wildflower shots.

We went to lunch with three other Bluebird-owners/couples in Jerome, AZ.  A fantastic mining town high in the mountains.  
Road leading out of Jerome, AZ
I posted our Jerome adventure on our 2TooManyCats so I can spend some time talking about my latest projects.

On The Cutting Board
I pulled out the Welcome Kitty wallhanging and made a hanger for it from the leftover fabric.  I tore up some strips, braided them together.  I wanted to add things to the braid that cats love to play with so I added some embroidery floss and buttons in similar colors along with some fish beads.  I would love to find some beads shaped like mice!  Oh, and I do have some feathers, but I decided that might be a bit too much.
I will be posting "Welcome Kitty!" on Etsy soon.
Welcome Kitty!
In the meantime, I have been working on getting some mug rugs done.  I have a pile waiting to be finished, but I keep making new ones.  I have a "Born in the Barn" series designed by Fayette Terlouw with a cow, a lamb, and now a pig...oink!

I'll show you more once I have them finished.  This time I'm adding a little something to the backside as well.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Nice to see your pictures. I think you could make a set of mug rugs of the zodiac animals.It would be fun to have a set for each member of the family with their year.

  2. Love all the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was taken back in time when I saw the photo of Dusty. I used to work as a vet nurse and we had a cat (that had been a stray) that lived at the vets surgery. His name was Dusty and he was grey very similar to your Dusty. He was very definitely in charge at the surgery. He used to sleep on top of the computer monitors on the reception desk. I used to take the weight clinics for dogs and cats. When i weighed a dog, Dusty used to wait round the corner and sometimes try to spike the poor dog as we came round the corner. he was very mischievous!


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