Monday, April 8, 2013

An Odd Interlude (Cottonwood, AZ)

The weather turned very bad today with high winds that brought cooler temperatures.  I wish I could say we had lots of rain, but the rain was barely getting the ground wet.  Since we were having such odd weather, we decided to spend the day inside our cozy home.  I pulled out my sewing machine and worked on a couple of quilts while watching some old DVD movies.

A couple of days ago, we were going to visit Montezuma Castle, but the small parking lot was full, so we will go back later this week.  Instead, we visited the Montezuma Well.  Yep, I took a few photos.  The water is a beautiful shade of blue-green...lovely.  The water seeps up through the rocks into this deep well.  It receives over 1.5 million gallons a day and holds over 15 million gallons.
This was a perfect desert oasis for animals and humans.  We saw a few ducks swimming around despite all the people.  The cliff dwellings are actually inside the well's wall.  You can see them on the left side and the well on the right.  They say people lived here more than a 1,000 years ago.
Cliff Dwellings and the Well
Over the years,  30 rooms were built along the rim.
Close-up of Cliff Dwellings
The well also has a natural outlet to keep it from overflowing.  The following photos are the man made canal on the outside wall leading to Beaver Creek.
Outlet to Beaver Creek
And one more of this leaning tree that I thought the bark was quite interesting.  The tree is more horizontal than vertical...that's why I left it in landscape.

Odd Interlude by Dean Koontz

This one was a little odd.  It is like Odd Thomas was traveling along to his next destination and had to stop to get some rest.  Except instead of rest, he is busy once again fighting strange forces.  Definitely an interlude, because this story doesn't seem to connect to the last two stories except for Annamarie  and his ghost dog - Boo.  Annamarie is even more confusing in answering Odd's questions.  I'm hoping in his next book Annamarie will start revealing her past and who she is without all the riddles.

Anyway, I found this to be a typical Odd sense of humor and even more fun - Odd meets his match in a 12 year old girl.  She thinks and sounds a lot like Odd, but without the help of ghosts.  I would love to hear more about her someday.  Maybe Mr. Koontz will start a new series just for her.

Odd finds himself in a small town run by a sadistic mind-controlling person and of course, the only person that might be able to help them is Odd.  This was a short and easy read.  If you enjoy Odd Thomas, I'm sure you will like this one too.
Deeply Odd:  May 28 release date.  Can't wait!
and now, back to my sewing machine.......Happy Quilting!


  1. Sandy, interesting post. I looked up Montezuma Well to see how large it is. It is a whole lot larger than I thought it was. I bet that was a beautiful sight!

    Could I ask you a rug mug question? Do you use a batting in them? What do you use? Would it be appropriate to put in a wall hanging? I have started making some of these and am stumped about the batting. Thanks.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

      In Nancy Halvorsen's books, she uses a double layer of batting. For me, that is too thick. I use Insul-Bright batting. It is heat-resistant and will protect your surface from hot dishes, but not from hot pots from the stove.

    2. Sandy, thanks for your reply. I will get some Insul-Bright for the mug rugs.

      What about wall hangings?


    3. I use leftover batting from other quilt projects. I usually buy the king size batting and I try to get four quilts out of the batting. Sometimes one quilt is too big so I save the pieces-parts in an old batting bag for future projects.

    4. Thanks. I have it now. :)
      Continue to enjoy the sites. We will get the bad weather tonight in W. TN.

  2. I love the pictures but those books do seem odd.

  3. Wow, the angle looking up that leaning tree is trippy cool!

    ♥ aquariann
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  4. Sounds like you found a great way to beat an ugly day and a very nice alternative to Montezuma Castle! Beautiful photos.


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