Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bloomin' Desert (Apache Junction, AZ)

The desert is starting to bloom, but I can see many buds just waiting to open.  I'm sorry we won't be here to see them flower.  We hiked the Wind Cave trail.  It took a couple of hours to get to the top.  
We had people passing us going up and then coming back down the trail.  How they could move so fast and not stop to enjoy the views....well, it is beyond me.
I'm a pretty slow walker since I like to look around, and of course, I keep stopping to take photos.  
Despite the fast walkers and runners, I had a great time looking for new flowers as we climbed up the side of the mountain.  I saw lots of lizards and no snakes....which is fine with me....
Only one cactus was blooming but there were plenty of wildflowers blooming.
This is the view from the Wind Cave.  Once we were there, it was hard to believe how far we had hiked from the parking lot.  Usually, we don't get a view of you were there and now you are here view.  Look how far away it is!  While we stood there, two hummingbirds were flying over our heads.  We were a little surprised to see them up there since we had not seen nor heard many birds along the way up the trail.
That evening, Dan discovered the full moon was in a perfect position with a tall saguaro behind our motorhome.  I took one look at the moon and went for my camera.  I rarely see a moon halo and I found it difficult to photograph.  Only a couple of the photos show the moon and the halo.  Here's one of my better photos.
We leave for Cottonwood, AZ on Monday.  I hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend with family and friends.  I know we had a great week of visiting with Dan's sister and her husband.
Happy Easter!


  1. Lovely pictures. I see buds coming up on my cacti too. I have begun moving a few back outside on the roof so I can move in my room.
    safe and happy travels, Julie

  2. I never imagined the desert to be so colorful :) Wonderful photos!

  3. Wonderful photos. What a fantastic view and the moon was spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Beautiful! I hope I get to travel back to Arizona some year soon.

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Daffodil Flower in Spring Rain

  5. Well, I am glad that you stop to take in nature's beauty (and snap shots to share with us)! These photos are great, as always. I'm glad you didn't run into any snakes on your walk. =0)


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