Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zion National Park (Ogden, UT)

We are staying at Hill AFB FamCamp for four nights.  On one side, we have a wonderful view of the Great Salt Lake with snow-capped mountains on the other side.  But today and on my next post, I want to share our experiences at Zion National Park.

We spent two wonderful days walking the trails of Zion National Park.  The weather was in the 80s and a little breezy.  Perfect!  We could not have asked for better weather.
We started with a visit to the northern section of Zion National Park.  Because this area is separate from the rest of the park, it was a lot quieter especially on a Sunday with the Free Access Week to National Parks.  Access to Kolob Canyon is on I-15 and there is only one 5-mile road... a very red paved road and that just added to the whole Zion feel.

We walked two trails.  One trail took us to an outlook over the south valley.  
Looking towards the South Valley
The second trail (Taylor Creek) was a 5-mile round trip.  Since we already did one mile, we decided to hike to the first cabin or hike one hour in before turning around.  
Taylor Creek
The trail doesn't go along side the Taylor Creek.  Oh no, it crosses over the creek several times.  It wasn't hard to crossover since the creek was narrow and there were always a line of flat rocks to make the crossing easier.  I think I enjoyed crossing the creek the most.  A little distraction from the usual walking on a dusty trail.
Kids were certainly enjoying the creek crossing.  We came upon a Mom trying to get her two kids to cross the creek and stop playing in the water.  I could not blame them for enjoying the crystal clear water and the fact that for once Mom could not get mad about their feet getting wet!  It took them twice as long as it did us.  She said that they had to play in the water at every crossing.  Yep, water - the perfect kid-magnet!
The views were grand.  Red sandstone and red cliffs everywhere.  I wonder what it is about the red sandstone that I find most interesting.  Maybe it is the red sandstone against the brilliant blue sky and the evergreens.  I wonder if I can find some fabric in this sandstone red shade.  Wouldn't that make a lovely southwest quilt.
The one-room cabin was a surprise.  It was built in 1930.  I was expecting a cabin built in the 1800s.  Whoever built it really wanted to get away from neighbors or anyone stumbling upon their little hideaway.  We were trying to imagine how they managed to get a mattress up into the canyon.  By mule, maybe?  That must have been an interesting sight!

On The Cutting Board

I'm working on a new Bear Hugs quilt.  Here's a link to my first Bear Hugs quilt.  I made the top last year so this in another one of my UFO's.  This one is being made for charity.
 I'm almost done with the bear's face.  This appliqué is going a lot faster than most of my  appliqué work.  I swear some material fights me the whole time I work with it.  Not this time.  So, I am keeping my fingers crossed....well, not while I'm sewing......and the sewing thread stays untangled.
Happy Quilting!


  1. That is a perfect bear face!! I love all of those photos, just gorgeous.. another place to put on our "must visit" list. The red road is just beautiful!

  2. Beautiful, I haven't got to travel out west. It's on my to do list and now so is Zion :)

    1. Hi Lizzy, I hope you are able to see Zion someday. The park is amazing!

  3. Beautiful!!! I used to live in Arizona and I never made it to Zion National park... I don't know what I was thinking... anyway I'm your newest follower, check out my blog when you have a chance.

    1. Thank you Megan! Well, maybe you will be back this way again. You never know, right?

      I did stop by your blog and I am following you back! Thanks again!

  4. Incredible scenery. Beautiful photos!

  5. Oh wow, the scenery is breathtaking! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Very beautiful! It would make a lovely quilt...sounds like a plan...hope to see it soon :)
    P.S. love the bear hugs project!

  7. Great shots! Just love that red road one, and the old cabin.

  8. I always love your pictures and the subject was very cooperative against that blue sky. That is a cute little bear. Luckky kid who gets that!

  9. Angels hike in mt Zion is an awesome hike. I did it with a fear of heights.

    Love your adventures...


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