Friday, May 25, 2012

Calling All Quilters!

Quilting Bloggers Logo
Recently, Quilting Gallery updated their Quilting Bloggers Directory page.  I stopped by to see the update and it is great!  Now, I can see the latest posts with dates.  I can click on the blog's name or one of the listed posts.  This is a great place to find quilters from around the world!

I have been with this website for quite a few years.  Michelle does a wonderful job of running contests, keeping us up-to-date with quilt shops and other quilt related information.  If you have a quilt blog and would like to share your quilt projects with other quilters, click on the link above and join the fun.

Rainy Days & Soggy Dandelions
We have been getting some scattered showers and gusty winds for the last couple of days.  The weather man says the weekend should be a little bit better. 
It has been rather nice to listen to rain on the roof, but I am ready for some sunny days.  I know the cats are ready to get outside.  

Happy Quilting!


  1. Sandy,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful post about my site. I really appreciate it.

  2. Amazing photos of the soggy dandelions!

  3. hi
    Back from the rally in Mich. 6 bluebirds parked together and 2 or 3 parked elsewere Met a few new birders. Weather way to hot to quilt. Now to prepare an old quilt for the longarm and get the materials to sandwich. Thanks for the link about the bloger quilt show. Hope it is not toooo distracting lol


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